Call of Duty: Black Ops zombie mode and campaign gameplay

PS3-Sense writes: Today we've got some brand new Call of Duty: Black Ops footage for you guys. Not only do we have a full zombie mode match in good quality, but also a large portion of campaign footage. Check out the link for all five videos, or check the zombie video below.


New embed video, this one still works :)

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captain-obvious3647d ago

update to all the ppl that just got in

the vid is down

MGRogue20173647d ago

No, The single-player gameplay videos are still up.. Only the two zombies ones are down.

MGRogue20173647d ago

Scratch that.. Here they are, they've been reuploaded:

Call Of Duty: Black Ops - WhiteHouse/Pentagon Zombie Map Gameplay:

Call Of Duty: Black Ops - Kind Der Toten Zombie Map Gameplay:

Watch 'em fast!

Goliath-NL3647d ago

Thanks to enkei! Got em back into the post.. watch them quickly before they're gone :p

lazysey3647d ago

Can I say game of the year?

Terarmzar3647d ago

They look like Nazi zombies...
same exact clothing from WAW

DufferO83647d ago

thats a good thing for me

lazysey3647d ago

I won't spoil it for you, but the more you play the game campaign and other modes, you unlock content that definitely changes up the zombies mode.

Dark-Cloud3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

love it :D ... soon we will get this game :) .. one more week :) ..

but this map reminds me of bioshock >.< ...
i didn't watch all of the video , i don't want to see everything ...

captain-obvious3647d ago

why those are nazi zombies ?
i mean


KyRo3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

There's more than one map. There's a another level in the pentagon with different zombies.

All the people moaning about zombie's wearing the same clothes as Nazi's must not know how many people actually died during WW2 lol. They ain't going to go to a shop and buy some new clothes now are they just because they are around a different time period.. Zombies are zombies, there to kill. There are different types of zombies in the pentagon map.

captain-obvious3647d ago

yah i know
but the game is now with different setting and all so it doesn't make sense

but if there is more that one map with different zombies and setting so thats really cool

which means this game well have heaps of verity
im really happy to say that im getting this game day one

i really cant wait to play on split screen sense it has been a long time i did that

yah one more thing ??
well the zombie mode have split screen too ???

DufferO83647d ago

im glad they kept the nazis. the can continue the zombie story from waw, its just wouldn't be the same killing Vietnamese zombies.

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The story is too old to be commented.