Killzone 3 Beta - Hands on

With the approach of March, provided the stage for the release of the mighty Killzone 3, Sony is slowly paving the way for finally groped to break even in the world of FPS, especially as regards the competitive sector. After having been thoroughly presented to the press, the revolutionary structure of online gaming last born in the house has recently undergone Guerrilla in beta testing to a limited circle of users. Everyeye, of course, could not miss.

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raztad3653d ago

Love the positive reaction from the press and beta testers. I think KZ3 will be THE KZ Sony/GG wanted to make. They frankly went overboard with the weighty feeling in KZ2, in this occasion controls are sharper and the game is a pleasure to play out the door. A very smooth learning curve should attract gamers who disliked KZ2 controls but still wanted to enjoy the world of Helghan.

Fresh_N_New3653d ago

I loved the weighted feel of KZ2 but it was just a shame not many people down here in Aus embraced the game. This time around KZ3 is sure to attract many gamers new to the franchise. I sure wish i was in the beta :(

raztad3653d ago

I think KZ deserves much more than being a niche game played by a couple of thousand everyday. Some veterans wanted a KZ2.1 in terms of how the game plays but I dont agree. Accessibility is key to make a dent in the crowded FPS market. Sony is not spending millions upon millions just to showcase graphical power and make a bunch of guys happy.

LazyGamer_133653d ago

At times I hated the KZ2 controls, but at times I loved them...I'm so looking forward to KZ3...whew, I neeed the beta...