Big Three Shipment Update Through September 2010

Shipment figures from Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft earnings reports covering the three months ending September 2010 have arrived. It was an interesting quarter - a presumed Microsoft win was snatched away in September by strong PS3 sales (and thus shipments to Europe / EMEAA) on the Move launch. Nintendo shipped fewer than expected Wiis as it allows inventory levels to drop in preperation for another big Christmas when providing deep levels of inventory goes much farther. Wii game shipments were strong. DS and PS3 software shipments were strong for the quarter.

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btk3647d ago

So we could have a rapid change in order for HD consoles the next three months:

Nov 2010: PS3 overtake XB360
Dec 2010: Kinect releases: XB360 retakes lead from PS3
March 2010: Kinect fizzles out: PS3 retakes lead from XB360

In the meantime Wii remains strong but sees slow steady decline.

All_4_One3646d ago

I think we all need to just wait to see how Kinect performs. It should boost 360 sales, but at that entry price, I personally don`t think it will be enough to keep the PS3 at bay, especially with GT5 and a potential price cut around the corner.

metsgaming3646d ago

kinect may sell alot at first but after the holidays they wont have any consistant sales, it will die down quick even if their is huge initial numbers. People will soon find out how bad it is and spread the word among themselves.

AAACE53646d ago

The Wii has the lead by a long shot, and people are worried about second and third place... talk about petty!

How do they say it... People only remember the winner... No one remembers second place!

JokesOnYou3646d ago

So now we're talking "shipped" numbers. NPD was good for independent confirmation. Its too bad they stopped, and who knows the truth about Euro. I don't trust sony or micro both have lied about sales and stuff the channel at the end of qtr. aahh well at least vgchartdoes a fairly good job at estimating whats going on.

postofficebuddy3646d ago

I can't believe how well PS2 is still selling in the emerging markets. It's only shipped a million units less than the 360 for the year so far.

thrust3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )


longcat3646d ago

I'm starting to wonder if the ps2 will outlast the WII

Ummm Da Dum3646d ago

the ps2 still sells well because in poorer countries the ps2 is the latest bit of tech.

PS3, 360 still cost way to much for poorer countries.

metsgaming3646d ago

still expensive for alot in the US !

ThanatosDMC3646d ago

Those gamers getting a PS2 for the first time would be so happy with the loads of great games they'll be inundated with... that is of course if they can understand the langauge.

carreirabr3646d ago

Free games, that's the reason.

yog-sothot3646d ago

It seems the PS3 had been quite underestimated for the last few weeks on VGchartz. Before the correction, it looked like the Move did not change anything to the sales of the console, now there is a sign that Sony might actually touch a new pool of customers. I must say I'm not sold on the Move myself, but if it proves to be a great input device for games such as Killzone 3, I might get one next year...

Now it will be interesting to see what Kinect and its huge marketing campaign will do

bviperz3646d ago

I like how the stealthy changed their tracking to 'shipped'. I said it before, all the sales in the world mean nothing if you're not enjoying the games.

DaTruth3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

People were calling them out on their sales numbers so now they are posting an article for the purposes of pretending their wrong numbers are "sold" and the ones recently dropped by the companies are "shipped"!

That is the only reason they are posting this! An entire article to say we post sales and they post shipped, that is why our numbers are wrong. Even though Sony and Nintendo only post sales to consumer for their shareholders!

Death24943646d ago

Microsoft announced that they shipped 44.1 million units on the 29th of this month. If you look at VGChartz has Microsoft's "sold" at 44.2 million. Hmmm, So according to VGC, Microsoft has sold more consoles then they shipped. But when you look at ps3 side of the equation, things don't exactly add up. We all know that Sony and Nintendo only report sold to consumers. Sony also reported 41.6 on the 29th of this month, yet VGC has them sitting at 40.1.

SpitFireAce853646d ago

Wow i would have never thought the PS3 would outsell
the XB360 in September after all Halo:Reach came out in
Sept.I guess people underestimated the PS Move....Also
the PS3 out sold the 360 by 700k in the 3 month quarter.

nickjkl3646d ago

did you really think halo reach would increast xbox sales

why would it increase xbox sales if you were going to get an xbox for a halo game it would of been for halo 3 or odst

gypsygib3646d ago

I have both PS3 and 360, but if could only buy one it would be PS3, it has all the multiplats and way more AAA exclusives, plus free online, Blu-ray, ect.

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