G3: Fallout: New Vegas Review

War, war has changed. It’s 2010 and the the sequel to the 2008 game of the year Fallout 3 has been released, but could the sequel grab the game of the year award even though it has been developed by a different developer? Does Fallout: New Vegas fall short to what made Fallout 3 successful or does it do everything the previous entry in the series did and more?

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Murgatroyd73651d ago

Despite the glitches (most of which I haven't encountered), this is a really fun game. Although I'm sure it's just wishful thinking, I hope Bethesda will let Obsidian handle all other future Fallout titles.

RaymondM3650d ago

Im getting it! Win for Bethesda again

omicron0093650d ago

it looks awesome, still need to beat Fallout3 though