BlizzCon's "Red Shirt Guy" Gets His Due

First he was maligned and made fun throughout the internet for his savant-like knowledge of World of Warcraft lore. Then, he revealed to the world in his own Youtube response that he was both extremely nervous and suffered from mild Asperger's. Now, he has been vindicated. Blizzard has not only corrected their fudging of the Wildhammer Clan history, they've also immortalized the Red Shirt Guy as an NPC features in the game, itself.

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Spydiggity3651d ago

only an insensitive idiot would not have been able to realize he probably had some type of mild case of autism. and i don't see why ppl are talking about it...who cares. the kid owned blizzard, he was very gracious about it, they were good sports about it as well, and that should be the only thing anyone is concerned with.

siliticx3651d ago

Indeed, give the guy a break.
Youre in front of 5k+ live watchers and god knows how many people were watching the online stream. The guy is also speaking in a mic in a room full of eacho (slower speech) with a bright light pointing at him and the people who made his favorite game, which most likely dictated a major part of his life for the last 5 years, are listen to him speaking.

Most of people here would prolly not have the gut to even get in line.

Perjoss3650d ago

I think they said there was around 27k people there this year.

Sitris3650d ago

that guy in the red shirt, is an amazing person, putting up with crap from idiots on the internet like no tomorrow, and stood his ground and defended himself. He is awesome!

Chris3993650d ago

He did a follow up You-tube vid. And yeah, it was cool of Blizz to immortalize him in what is clearly his favorite lore.

YourFlyness3650d ago

Yea, it was kind of ridiculous to clown him. Im glad they created a NPC based off of him, however isnt that the point of Beta testing to point of glitches inaccuracies? I guess beta to most people just mean early access. Kudos to RSG!

Jdoki3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

That's the truth.

It's pretty amazing how some people whine when they find bugs in a beta!! Or the vitriol spewed when they do a character wipe!

It also amazes me that the same people in the beta cry about bugs that made it to the final game. Perhaps if the beta testers actually reported the bugs they find then we'd see better quality products released; and perhaps if developers had tighter controls on who they accept in to the tests.

On topic: Good for red shirt guy. And good for Blizz immortalising him as an NPC.

OneSneakyMofo3650d ago

Says the guy on in the middle of the night? Looooool.

mikhail_tisoy3650d ago

actly its 6 pm here in nz

thanks for your concern

Bobbykotickrulesz3650d ago

Still, you're on

Anyone looking at the latest news about video games is probably a nerd in some way, shape or form.

I like to think of myself as a good looking and outgoing guy, but even I have a nerdy side that I get from my childhood. I'd get home from football practice, turn on my Playstation and play FF7 or some other classic RPG until I passed out or my eyes burned.

But you, my non friend, are a complete nerd. Trust me, I can tell.

dreamtheater873650d ago

I think the main point here is that you have an account with a gaming news website where you make comments. That would make you a sterotypical nerd in most non-gamers eyes. Anyway, since when was nerd or geek a derogatory term? I'm proud to be a game geek, as are many ppl here, so get off your high horse and stop acting like a jerk.

madara0sama3650d ago

Why would you even make fun of him in the first place? He does what he loves. Even if its in a video game etc, this guy has made history and you? If you make fun of him your obviously a jealous ass on earth trying to make yourself feel better of who you are.

mikhail_tisoy3650d ago

says the guy who has over 700 comments

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