Intresting characters in Zombie mode in Black ops

Inevitably as we get closer to launch date people are getting their hands on retail copies of Black Ops, and details are leaking. We won’t spoil the story (we have seen the ending) but we will tell you this… Zombie fans are going to love this one.

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taokaka133645d ago

oh my dear maybe existing god! what a kick-ass team of people to play as in zombie mode! my hope is that they all get in to one spin-off cartoon! i would watch every show if it did.

MachinaMaw3645d ago

That is one stellar lineup they got there.

Shackdaddy8363645d ago

Cant wait to play Nixon. lol.

MGRogue20173645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

... OMG, I'm gonna' play as John F**king Kennedy!! :D :D :D

*gets slapped*

Trunkz Jr3645d ago

uhhhh, your nothing but a news thief, you stole the news from that video and made your own, how lame...

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