Senator Yee Claims ESRB Is Biased

Leland Yee, the state senator from California who has the hotly debated legislation aiming to restrict the sales of violent games to minors, has claimed that the ESRB rating system is “biased.” Brutal Gamer reports.

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Redempteur3652d ago

of course parents can't review fully a video before giving it to kids ..imagine a game like falloout new vegas can't they know that some scene might jhappen or not ?

that's why there are rating done by people that :
-have time to play the game before
-know video games.

it's not being biased's having the rihgt requirement to judge the game.

FantasyStar3652d ago

That doesn't disprove the fact that the ESRB is funded by the game industry, and therefore, is favorable to rate games in order to sell games. Does it happen all the time? No. Is there room for corruption? Absolutely.

The only thing you proved is that parents don't have time to rate games, and therefore lets someone else do it. This bill aims to take the pressure off game-retailers and lets the police get involved. Same principle: you're letting someone else take care of your problems.

averyzoe3652d ago

That may b true, but I think there is room for corruption in just about anything.

SeraphimBlade3652d ago

So this guy's suggesting that the ESRB will give lower ratings to make a game sell? I can believe that. M-rated games sell hardly any copies at all so... wait a second...

When you consider that Bionic Commando Rearmed got an M rating all for a decapitation at the very, VERY end when the game so far had E10 levels of violence and was downright cartoonish, I think it's hard to see them as overly lenient.