Microsoft planning a surprise for Kinect customers

Gamersmint: Microsoft’s planning a sweet little surprise for everyone who purchases Kinect.

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cyborg3646d ago

reading the article much?

JokesOnYou3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

wow, sonyloyalists love kinect, vvvvv so many of them trolling this kinect news, lol I guess theres no excitement about wii-move, bored already.

aahh well its good for micro to include demos so people can try different types of games.

NatureOfLogic3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

wtf? lol

leonlion3645d ago

500microsoft points that expire in 14 days

GamingGamer3645d ago

you are the first to troll... i guess thats all you can do since there is no good news for Kinect.

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RIP_Weazel3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

It's a free replacement sense of dignity, as if you spent $100+ on kinect, then it's probably fair to say that your old one is fu*ked.

Scary693646d ago

I wonder if this junk would be returnable. The next surprise from MS to it's customers is that when they get it home it will not work as they claim it does. If people start returning this item will it affect the sale numbers?

lilbrat233645d ago

I guess you will get a lot of Sell out because that is what you get when you have a lot of ignorant consumers, who are clueless about technology and have no idea on what really is worth buying. It's embarrassing to know that there are so many ignorant people in this world. tsk tsk

mookuns3646d ago

Why don't you stop generalizing? Really.

vhero3646d ago

Demos?? LOL wow that's not impressive even the MOVE came with demos not really a surprise I would expect demos with it.. The thing that caught my eye about this is they are on the Kinect adventures disc! Meaning if they can fit 3 full demos on that disc the game must be small..

Shepherd 2143645d ago

You need to check your brain. The guy who posted the article said it was a surprise, not Microsoft.

I havent seen MS touting a "surprise" anywhere else, because it isnt one, its just a nice little throw in with the whole package.

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psb3646d ago

are always a good thing. nice

ELite_Ghost3645d ago

lol gosh, what a great surprise

btk3646d ago

Free drivers to connect the Move controller to the XB360.

Blacktric3646d ago

Or a free bubble for every troll on N4G like yourself.

Blacktric3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

For the ones who disagreed;

Are you disagreeing because you really don't approve me, calling him a troll or you are disagreeing just because you are THINKING that I'm saying negative things about PS3 or anything else you like? The guy is an obvious troll and is trying to start a flamewar. You are a gamer, not someones toy. You all know that Kinect is not gonna be a complete fail but it won't be the most succesful motion gaming device either. All I'm trying to say is, even if you are a PS3 fan and thinking that Kinect is going to fail, don't agree with these types or give bubbles to them. It's because of them that we are in this situation, this unbelieavebly unnecessary fanboy war.

MikeGdaGod3645d ago

i do agree with u....but at least btk's comment was kinda funny....i hit agree just for that

Newtype3646d ago

Didn't the PS Move do this as well?

AlienFodder3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

It is the case in North America but I think it was different in Europe, which would probably explain why some people disagreed with you.

ryuzu3646d ago

Outside the US, the Move demos were free downloads on PSN.

Who knows who the disagreers are - mostly people with nothing to say but still want to say it I guess.


Theonik3646d ago

Yep, the EU bundle came with a Demo Disk and Sports Champions had demos in the US. The Demos are up on the store too.
I don't get what's so exciting about this as the Kinect demos will also be up on XBL i would bet.

vhero3646d ago

I would put money on them demos being on live.

Shadow Flare3646d ago

And the cover art is done like the Thriller album cover art

mookuns3646d ago

Heh, heh, funny stuff.

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