Kinect Preorders On Amazon Jump To $250

It turns out that Kinect may be selling well as the regular stock of the standalone Kinect appears to be sold out at and Amazon. According to analysts, Microsoft began mass-producing Kinect back in August and ramped the volume to 2 million units in September, which is in line with previous reports that Microsoft expects to sell about 4 million units this Christmas season.

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Bigpappy3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

Most of that US and UK alone. I am guessing 6-7mil Kinects sold by year end with 3-4mil 360's sold.

Kinect will be sold out most of the way as M$ will struggle to meet demand.

insomnium3651d ago

What's in it for you exactly? What's in it for any of you? You are hc-games no? Why do you rejoice when MS does this to you after you've supported their console for 5 years? Getting ignored is fun now?

LordMarius3651d ago

looking at his avatar he probably want to play with Kinectimals and make them poop.
Too bad the rest of us 360 owners get shafted

siyrobbo3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

and why do you care that he cares?

And why do i care that you care that he cares??

mrcash3651d ago

He didn't state that anything was in it for him, just giving his prediction. If you're not interested then why visit this article?

evrfighter3651d ago

"If you're not interested then why visit this article? "

It's all about teh insecurities.

N4WAH3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

Thanks for the chuckle.
That is what N4G needs more of, TIC humor.

Bigpappy3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

I think I will actually enjoy the games. I don't always have time to sit through Halo or fallout. Where I pretend to shoot peole in the head.

With Kinect I can now put down the controller get up and enjoy some freedom, while getting a nice workout. I can do pretend boxing, pretend track and field, pretend cross boarding, River rafting, soccer, Kung-fu ... you get the point.

Plus, I have family and friends. But you would know about weird stuff like that, would you?

"Too bad the rest of us 360 owners get shafted".

Really. You mean to tell me that if I buy Kinect to have fun on my 360, other 360 owners get shafted? F'k um. I hope you own two 360, so you get a double dose of shafting-- not the kind you like.

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plb3651d ago

Hm well vgchartz has Kinect adventures at 175k for preorder and that ships with Kinect which counts towards preorder so....

plb3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

180k for Kinect Adventures now which should translate to 180k Kinect preorders

ryuzu3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

VGchartz.... hmmm... not a great source for actual accurate data. In fact, in recent months it seems to have become even less accurate. Completely missed the near parity in LTD sales between PS3 and 360 for example, and then the news about the 20% under estimation of Move sales.

Think they've lost what tiny amount of credibility they had.


yourfather3651d ago

casual gamers didnt like pre-order you know

jack who3651d ago

:O that most mean only 180k kinect have been sold....../c

acedoh3651d ago

dont own a 360 to start off with. So their investment would be a 360 bundle. This shouldn't be a shock as that is who Microsoft is trying to lure to the kinect. Motion control can be fun... But I know as well as most of you core gamers that fun wares off quickly. Not only for core gamers but even the casual gamers. There has to be a more addictive element to a game to keep people playing. I will say this for games like Sports Champions and other games. They are fun to start off with and fun to play with friends but in the long run the fun wares off..

DiRtY3651d ago

I don't get people buying stuff that expensive. I mean order just one at your local retailer and you will get it. Sure, maybe not on release date, but few weeks later. That saves you 150 bucks.

I can't wait for Kinect. Seriously looks like a great product to me.

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