Hands on: Project Gotham Racing 4

Move over Forza 2, the daddy's back

It's been a great year for 360 owning racing fans. After Forza 2 blew us away with its all-encompassing simulation awesomeness (swiftly followed by Colin McRae DIRT and MotoGP'07) and with Sega Rally waiting in the wings, petrol heads have every reason to be loving the 360 at the moment.

However, arguably the best of them is yet to come in Project Gotham Racing 4. As a launch game, it's fair to say that PGR3 was a rather rushed affair, offering a decent racing experience, but nevertheless coming up somewhat short when it came to options. However, for PGR4 things are looking much better.

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Bill Gates4069d ago

"Move over Forza 2, the daddy’s back It’s been a great year for 360 owning racing fans. After Forza 2 blew us away with its all-encompassing simulation.."


Are you kidding me? Oh let me just stay quiet on this one cause I know how the little XTURD robots get when any real truth is said about their shiety games.....AAAHAHAHAHAHA

"After Forza 2 blew us away".....I knew it blew up alot more consoles but I didn't know it actually blew up humans too.....AHAHHAHHHA

zonetrooper54069d ago

Can't wait for PGR4, gonna be an excellent game. I do like Bill Gates comments, they do make me laugh.

Mr Marbles4068d ago

I am salavating over here, this game is all I will need for months, I can only imagine how awesome the graphics will be, and for the record, I am a total graphics whore.

Jeremy Gerard4068d ago

can't wait for this one, it should be good although im wondering what more can they add besides motorcycles?

level 3604068d ago

They say it will be out here in Australia by October, that's good to hear.

The Karate Kid4068d ago

Don't bore me with these piece of crap! Where is Gran Turismo Prolouge????????????

WIIIS14068d ago

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Soon your comments won't be seen unless readers specifically click to read them. Just like Bill's.

WIIIS14068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

But that's a good question. Where is Gran Turismo? Nowhere in sight that's where, because Polyphony saw Forza 2 and decide to take their half-baked game back to the drawing board. The complete game will likely be released after Forza 3.

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