Ten Best Horror Video-Game Covers

Juan Letona writes: Games may not be art, but these Horror Video-Game Covers sure are. From Illbleed to Dead Space, browse cover gallery.

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ShadowPraxis3274d ago

Some questionable choices in there. Some good ones too though. But c'mon - Illbleed?

Bboy_Izilla3274d ago

Looks like Illbleed needs a sidequest that involves rhythm-based rapping in a dark ally.

BiggCMan3274d ago

alan wake has the most boring cover ever i think. and i wouldnt call bioshock a horror game although ive always loved the covor for it. id say deadly premonition is the best of those.

off topic: the new site is shit... honestly.

jaixvx3274d ago

I 110% agree with you about the site...why the change? Didn't n4g change it not to long ago?

chrisco84au3274d ago

How is the cover of Alan Wake scary?

AnttiApina3274d ago

Where do you see top 10 scariest covers?

JohnApocalypse3273d ago

Condemned 2's box art is pretty fucking scary