Microsoft To Launch Online PC Game Store

Microsoft plans to launch next month an online PC games marketplace that will make it easier for gamers to download popular Microsoft titles from such franchises as Halo and Gears of War as well as games like Grand Theft Auto from other publishers.

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Hitman07693651d ago

hello wtf is games for windows live then? lol

evrfighter3651d ago

good luck to microsoft. They can't go about trying to use espn or netflix to lure us in. All that stuff is only a couple keystrokes away.

They better realize fast that pc gamers carry no loyalty to any one company. He who provides the biggest bang for the dollar = the ruler of the pc platform.

I'll gladly use M$ if they want outdo steam and give us ridiculously cheap games. However I've got no interest in it if they're just gonna match steam prices.

If they end up doing that you have to ask "Why buy it on M$ when you can just get on steam for the same price?"

ryuzu3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

"hello wtf is games for windows live then? lol"

Yet another failed attempt by MS to cash in on a market they don't understand.

Just like this - since we already have Steam, D2D, Impulse and many others. Unless MS come in significantly cheaper with an entirely uninvasive DRM this will just be an also-ran.

What it does confirm though is that MS is transitioning it's main 360 franchises to PC over time - which is in line with their strategy of dropping the traditional 360 market and transitioning it to a more casual crowd.


Killzone3Helghast3651d ago

Am I seeing that all in the same picture? The exact same colours google uses for their logo and then /Mac/ as well as Microsoft? Dayum where is Sony at? I guess Sony could be the 2011 since thats the year of epic games.

ford10013650d ago

yeah i am seeing that aswell, microsoft/mac/google all in the one image, is the world ending?