Watch Out, Big Cable: Xbox Live Now Bigger Than Comcast

Microsoft is making a play to get its users watching more video through its Xbox 360 game console, and could soon pose a clear threat to cable operators. Unlike big cable, it’s actually gaining subscribers who are eager to watch video services available through the service.

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Godmars2903652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

You'd think that Netflix, which is now available on all consoles, is doing more than enough damage. Most times I hear people are dropping HBO, Showtime and the like. With things only likely to get worse for cable with Hulu jumping in.

I'd ask how someone is giving XBL alone the credit, who's going to use XBL alone when they have to pay for it in addition to other paid services, but then I would be being stupid...

Nitrowolf23652d ago

exactly, saying that all those user use television and such. I might not know much about their normal video market place, but i am sure most of those who are watching vid are coming from stuff like Netflix. Thing is do we credit the system that host these other subscription that are available everywhere else or do we credit them? simple answer
either way 25 million subscription to live is still a great achievment

Godmars2903651d ago

Unless its PSN, which as a free service has over 25 million active users, then its one user using multiple accounts.

Also nevermind that they're not saying how many of those 25 million users are using additional paid services. Or even if they're Gold or Silver. The article doesn't list any real details, just leads to open conclusions.

Megaton3652d ago

We dropped the movie channels when we got Netflix. No regrets.

A Cupcake for Gabe3651d ago

I stopped my cable and saved $70. With, bluray/DVD, browser streaming,, Hulu Plus & Netflix, my ps3 has given me every reason to not look back.

BrianC62343652d ago

The problem with this story is the cable companies are needed to use Xbox Live. Or some ISP is. And what if everyone dumps cable movie channels and streams everything? The ISP's will get fed up. All that streaming eats up bandwidth. The cable companies are already trying to limit how much bandwidth we can use.

ASSASSYN 36o3651d ago

You only think that because you never heard of DSL, and T1.

radphil3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

How many homeowners are able to pay T1 prices?

I will agree with the DSL thing though.

CryWolf3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

MS is being stupid now using AT&T internet Subscribers isn't that big in a lot of Areas they should have went with Comcast/Tom Warner Cable those companies that have more bandwidth then AT&T does.

Cueil3651d ago

their IP TV supports all of them... Comcast and Time Warner told them to eff off... ATT is up and coming

N4OGs3651d ago

they are doing it a little at a time. with the 10 dollar increases. Whatever you pay for your cable for the year you will be paying for xbl in the future on top of netflix fees lol.