Virtua Fighter 5 Preview

Sega's AM-2 development team are bringing Virtua Fighter 5 to the Xbox 360 this year, and will be delivering the deepest and best fighting series online for the first time ever on a console.

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Funky Town_TX5266d ago

No issues with lag online. They said it ran at 60 fps with a few graphical enhancements turned down.

Bloodmask5266d ago

this is the best version bc of online play and enhanced AI...It is good to hear that the lag is minimal.

THE_JUDGE5266d ago

that old thing, well more the merrier I guess.

power of Green 5266d ago

Wow an arcade port, and to get it to run at 60fps they have to turn down the graphics, Arcade machines are more powerful?. Hmmm I wonder what the Arcade machines run at.


This game is going to be a smash hit online its a dream for fighter fans no more arcades.

BADBOYEK45266d ago (Edited 5266d ago )

They droped the graphics down so the online can hold up while playing online.Its not because the 360 cant handle the 60fps because it can with no problem.

progx5266d ago

if soul calibur wasn't coming.

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