Crush! Frag! Destroy! Review - Undead Nightmare: Red Dead Redemption DLC

Halloweek continutes at CFD! and Rob Rich returns to the Old West for Red Dead Redemption's newest, creepiest DLC pack:

"Did you notice how nothing good ever happens “on a dark and stormy night?”

"Tonight, the Marstons are enjoying a quiet evening in front of the fire, comfortably sheltered from the storm that rages on outside. After a few sarcastic quips and touching family moments, everyone heads off to bed, completely unaware of the horrors that await them. Or the fact that this night of ill weather is (as it turns out) no exception.

"It doesn’t take long for everything to go to hell. Corpses rise from their graves, family members devour family members and no one knows who to blame. Taking up arms once more, John heads out to find some answers."

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tigresa3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Cowboys vs Zombies!

RobsteinOne3650d ago

Indeed, and it's glorious.

thisdustin3650d ago

I've heard a lot of complaints about this mode, and I understand that the whole zombie thing is getting pretty played out these days, but I still dig it. Too bad I traded in my copy of RDR a while back...

RobsteinOne3650d ago

Any complaints about Undead Nightmare that involve "ugh, zombies..." are invalid. There, I said it.

It's certainly not perfect, but it's damn fun.

r1sh123650d ago

its just a rip off from nazi zombies in World at War.
The game has nothing to do with zombies, I think rockstar san diego got a little desperate and didnt know what dlc to make.
so they thought if in doubt zombies will work..
A little un-original especially from rockstar who usually do pretty good things

RobsteinOne3649d ago

I get that cowboys have nothing to do with zombies, but neither does World War 2...

SynGamer3650d ago

I really wanted to like this game but the controls were just so sluggish...and the bugs...ugh. perhaps I'll pick it up when it's a GH.

RogueCheddar3650d ago

I can't wait for this! When was the last time I was actually excited about DLC?

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