Bungie Humpday Challenge: Naughty Dog

Check out the slideshow for screens of the mayhem that went down including final score cards from each round as "Team Totally Not Working on Uncharted 3 Right Now" went up against Bungie. The outcome was extremely close! Who won you ask? Feel free to sum up the score cards and find out.

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Hitman07693125d ago

Nice looks like a close match

Hitman07693125d ago

I know I was thinking ummm... a lil fishy?

Imperator3125d ago

Well, they did make the games so yea. But anyways, it's awesome to see that Devs are gamers themselves and just want to create the best experience for us.

meiamsome3125d ago

i can't be arsed to believe naughty dog lost to bungie if they played uncharted 2 on psn shortly afterwards tho

Sony3603124d ago

Does it matter who won? Just be happy to see two great developers having fun together despite working on rival AAA titles.

Zachmo1823125d ago

Hmm new n4g update looks pretty good.

dredgewalker3125d ago

agreed....I'm tired of trolls ruining a good discussion.

REALgamer3125d ago

also tired of people discussing stuff that has nothing to do with the article? :P

The real killer3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

And i'm tired that people making to accuse trolling for no rerason if people cannot win a discussion.

So i miss also the Open zone, sinds the open zone is gone i have lost many bubbles by haters with many accounts and get restriction by people cannot agains critical comments about theire beloved games or console.

You can't even talk about that if you do and you lose many bubbles.

Moderators should have controll any username on one IP.

EvilBlackCat3124d ago

yeah also of people (ps3 fanboys) showing on pc and xbox360 articles trolling

funny how they get mad when karma comes around

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dead_eye3124d ago

@EvilBlackCat You'll find that karma is a bitch and thats why the ps3fanboys as you put it are like they are.

OH and on topic best line of the article and there was alot "Guys, there’s no need to fight. We won! Not just because we’re amazing Halo players, but because we are gracious and humble as well. Suck it down, Naughty Dog!"

ShadowJetX3125d ago

that Naughty Dog isn't pig headed and not only played another companies game on a different platform, but also kicked reasonable ass at said game. Reach is a good game, hands down (or up if you o
prefer), and ND isn't afraid to admit it.

dragonelite3125d ago

Dude devs aren't fanboys they are artist when a game is good it's good not bad because it's on a other platform.

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