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New Parasite Eve scans

"Some shots from Dengeki and Famitsu here, mostly showing The 3rd Birthday. Worth a mention, though, is that the original PSX Parasite Eve titles are headed to PSN soon." -RPG Land

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Community3152d ago
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imoutofthecontest3152d ago

The first PSX game was great, second was decent. Didn't like the battle system chagnes that much though. Third Birthday was interesting at TG -- looking forward to it.

Vojkan3152d ago

agree on everything you said. Cant wait to play this one

tubers3152d ago

Crap. I really feel like getting a PSP now even after the 3DS and PSP2 bells are ringing loudly already xD

I still wish this was released on the PS3 since I'd rather have a PS3 than a PSP (yet to own either).

I hope the new franchise success so we may get a true sequel instead of a spin-off..

Kyle has a "ring" there so is it safe to assume Aya and Kyle are married?

knifefight3152d ago

PSP 3000 is a great system. It's probably what I spen the most of my gaming time on. Pick one up! :D
then deck out your lineup with MGs Peace Walker, Birth by Sleep, Ys 7, Lunar, Valkyria Chroicles 2, and Cladun for starters. You'l be all set for a while.

JAMurida3152d ago

Don't forget Phantasy Star Portable 1/2 ^^

QuantumSponge3152d ago

Looks like a first-generation PS2 title. I don't mean just the graphics. The gameplay honestly looks at least half a decade behind what's standard now. It looks like Parasite Eve has had all the fun and intrigue sucked out of it, and replaced by bland, outdated shooter gameplay. Even just rehashing the gameplay of the first two games would have been better, IMO.

Ah well, I suppose I could hold out for a PSone classics release of Parasite Eve 2..

tubers3152d ago (Edited 3152d ago )

Thanks for the recommendations Knifefight and JAMurida. It's just that I have yet to own a PS3 and that has a blueray player and is not likely to be replaced by a PS4 anytime soon and it won't give me the feeling of being ripped off since the PSP has been plagued by illegal ISOs. I don't think the PS3 has any of that "problem" atm BUT I can't play the PS3 outside the home. Then again I am rarely out xD Still undecided up to now.

@QuantumSponge: I don't see how the gameplay is really any better than TPS games on the PSP. Sure resistance ret and FTB3 has multiplayer but this seem to have a deeper gameplay than any of those.

-pseudo squad strategy (Overdiving)
-BP and EXP system
-Sure no PE but you have:
>"Crossfire command"
-request for nearby squadmates for fire support on a single target
>"Evolved DNA attack"
>"Liberation Mode"
-look at it as "Haste" + "Energyshot" from PE1 and 2
>Other skills: "Heal" and others that have yet to be revealed.

-Sure to have amazing cutscenes and cinematics for the PSP.

It won't cater to everyone of course but I don't see it being "destroyed" other than SE imposing Aya as a "$LUT" with the skimpy and erotic costumes and clothes mechanic and pulling off an amnesia that makes her seem feeling too scared to fight.

Handhelds_FTW3152d ago

Stays on track and makes it 1st Quarter release date window.

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