Famitsu Most Wanted (top 20)

1. Final Fantasy III (NDS, Square Enix)
2. Final Fantasy XIII (PS3, Square Enix)
3. Resident Evil 5 (PS3, Capcom)
4. Metal Gear Solid 4 : Guns of the Patriots (PS3, Konami)
5. Summon Night 4 (PS2, Banpresto)
6. Pokémon Diamond & Pearl (NDS, Nintendo)
7. Super Robot Taisen: Original Generations (PS2, Banpresto)
8. Blue Dragon (Xbox 360, Microsoft)
9. Seiken Densetsu 4 (PS2, Square Enix)
10. Utaware Rumono (PS2, Aquaplus)

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Siesser5379d ago

God Hand's only 15th on the list? For shame.

MySwordIsHeavenly5379d ago

this is a japanese most wanted list. Cant you dragon's on there! It's microsoft's cry for help! It looks like a generic game that would fail miserably if it had to compete with FF.

OhEmetophobia5378d ago

no game can withstand the threat of being up against the most awesome game ever made. FINAL FANTASY lol.

kewlkat0075379d ago

I mean, I like RPgs but I also play other genre .Japanese can't get enough of them. It's good to step outside the box once a while... I guess thats all they want, maybe 360 will be able to give it to them in the long-run.

blackmagic5379d ago

Resident Evil 5 isn't exclusively on PS3, it's on 360 also.

THE TRUTH5378d ago

it's not offical for any system yet

PS3 Owns All5379d ago

That PS2 and PS3 will be dominant for a very-very long time!

OhEmetophobia5378d ago

I think the 360 will have a good standing against the PS3 but in the end i think the PS3 will blow the 360 right out of the water.

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The story is too old to be commented.