PSP2/PS Phone Rumors, GeoW 2 Set to Destroy Weekend, MUCH More - Nick's Gaming View Episode #29

"On Nick's Gaming View Episode #29, Nick covers this week's latest news including the huge Gears of War 2 online event this weekend and the leaks of the PlayStation Phone. Nick also reviews EA Sports MMA and the soon-to-be released comedy, Grown Ups. This is Nick's Gaming View!"

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Nick2120043123d ago

The PlayStation Phone looks to be a great concept, but if it is being built just for the first iteration of PSP games, ill stick to the PSP 2 when it launches.

Troll_Police3123d ago

When did Justin Beiber start doing a video games show?

killajd3123d ago

and Nick look alike??? Someone need some glasses? Anyways loved the info and I cant wait to get my hands on the psp2. I haven't bought a psp yet so Ill wait and get this powerhouse!

Nick2120043122d ago

What's up killajd?! Glad to hear you enjoyed the show and I appreciate your ongoing support.

dna-black-fox3122d ago

i dont know about the psp phone, im waiting for the psp2 because phones dont have a great battery life and playing games wont help it, with just a gaming system you only play it when you want to play games, and how would texting and stuff work, lastly what carriers would it be on because sprint and verizon are different than at&t and t mobile

Nick2120043122d ago

It would be interesting to see which carrier Sony would go with for the PlayStation Phone although I would not be surprised if they went with Sprint. I say this because Sony and Sprint have had great relations with each other for years and Sprint's 4G network would allow for smooth online gaming on-the-go.

dna-black-fox3122d ago

well t mobile also has hspa+ network which is almost as fast and then verizon has lte but having to make the phones with all the different radios would make it more complicated, and the the data plans would just confuse consumers

Nick2120043122d ago

That is very true. If/when this PlayStation Phone is announced it will definitely be interesting to see what Sony does.

dna-black-fox3122d ago

yeah but i think the hardware will be the most interesting and how it connects the the playstation brand with psn or ps3

egm_hiphopgamer3122d ago

psp 2 i can't wait for that ya'll gonna see how HD is really done in the palm of your hands stay tuned

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The story is too old to be commented.