Confirmed: Microsoft offering freebies for lengthy Xbox 360 repairs

After reading an earlier article posted regarding Xbox 360 repairs taking up to six weeks and giving out a free game, AJ Borden mailed in to let know his experience. Borden let them know that he got his sixth Xbox 360 back yesterday and the total repair process took 25 days (just over three weeks, not six). They also sent him a free 1 month renewal card for Xbox Live which is the FIRST time they have ever done such a thing for this specific customer after so many repairs previously...

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bym051d4068d ago

So, from the story, it looks like they gave him a free month of live to replace the month that his XBOX spent in the shop.

That doesn't sound like more that what they should be doing.

Panthers4068d ago

Wow a whole month free! Wish Sony would do that. :( Too bad it never breaks.

Premonition4068d ago

You forgot to add, there is no need for a card lol or monthly online deal.

Gil4068d ago

Yep, Sony has very few consoles breaking. Its a good strategy. Release a system with no games worth playing and the console can't malfunction because its never on.

VaeVictus4068d ago

Yeah Gil, the 360 had oodles of HQ games during the same span of it's life cycle last year as well, oodles and oodles, in addition to it's consistent dying. Much better IMO.

Honestly, the no games argument is dead, done, over. Find some new material. The Wii is selling out everywhere and it doesn't have $h*t for games. Price is the only complaint anyone can levy against the PS3, other than that, you have nothing.

beavis4play4068d ago

in the first 9 months of the x360, name the games you are talking about?

Panthers4068d ago

oh come on, Xbox had games like... uh... well... before Gears there was... um... Well there were some.

ReBurn4068d ago

There was Dead Rising by this time last year.

elitesupreme4067d ago

you know, that's the same bs that my buddy said the other day. FOLDING with the PS3 puts more stress on the console more than ANY game can on ANY console. There's plenty of ppl who are folding fanatics, and not one of hem has yet to have a PS3 break down on them. personally, i only Fold once in a while, but when i do, i leave it on over night.

Gil4067d ago

You think the PS3 having no games issue is dead? How about the RROD issue? That dead horse has been beaten until there is nothing left. MS has addressed this issue with the 3 yr warranty and the new hardware. Was it a problem? Yes. Has it been resolved? Yes. I realize the PS3 has a much lower defect rate, but what is Sony going to do if one breaks 2 1/2 years after the purchase date? Nothing, zilch, zero. I like knowing that my launch system (never had RROD)is still covered and will be for another year.

vickers5004067d ago


Fixing the problem means fixing the actual problem, not offering an alternative. When M$ replaces the defective consoles with functioning ones, then the problem will be solved.

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nekon4068d ago

They've been doing this for some time now.. This is nothing new. I just sent another RLOD console in before that website of their went live. When I got 360 back I got a free 30 day XBL Gold card to. It's also not a reward for being patient but them repaying you for XBL sub lost.

Covenant4068d ago

Well, that's the least they should do. If I had to do without my 360 for that long, I'd go nuts. (That's why I have a Best Buy replacement plan--just bring it in for exchange).

The one-month Live card isn't really a bonus--it's basically compensation for Live time lost while the unit is under repair.

Now, 1600 Live points, or a free MS-studio game for waits longer than a month--that would be better.

ryanjtravis4068d ago

I couldn't agree more Covenant.

I'm on my 3rd Xbox now - and if I have to send it back in and wait almost a month to get it back, I'll be pretty pissed off.

I subscribe to XBL on a yearly basis (I have since it launched 3 or 4 years ago) - so if they try to throw a month of free XBL at me to make up for their crappy hardware, it won't go over too well.

Man - their games rock SOOO MUCH - why can't their hardware do the same!

Close_Second4068d ago

...all the PS3 only owners jump all over stories like this. I can appreciate why they think they have to but as usual they should show they are stronger in character and just pass on by.

I for one have been an extremely happy 360 owner since I purchased one last year. It may not have the same bells and whistles as a PS3 but only a fool would say it doesn't have some great games.

The 360 may not have the same shelf life as a PS3, but all this fanboy ranting does not make me want to go out and get a PS3. In fact, it does quite the opposite. Mind you, the 720 should be available around 2011 which sounds just right to me.

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