Sales Figures - Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

Saiyan Island reveals sales numbers for Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 and compares the numbers between Storm 1 and Storm 2.

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tayz3127d ago

I am dissapointed. The game has sold only 317,101 copies worldwide. Didn't the new Fall Out just sell more in just the US and just for the 360?

jc485733127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

i don't even understand why you are comparing this game with Fall Out and i don't want to know why. Anyway, I am happy to own both Naruto Storm games, but I still think that Storm 1 looks graphically better than Storm 2. Yea, 360 only gets to enjoy storm 2 w/o the epic moments of storm 1.

tayz3127d ago

the naruto game was really good and i am happy to own both 1&2 too, but i am only comparing sales numbers with Fall Out not the gameplay.

but if we gotta compare gameplay then i had more fun with Naruto than Fall Out. Just saying.

Redempteur3126d ago

i agree with jc48573.

i think the UNS1is better visually..i dunno it seemed cleaner. BUT the presentationand the amount of things to do not to mention the online make UNS2 the definitive version to own

Heartnet3125d ago

This game is impossible to find in any UK store lol.. ive been to like 6 game and gamestations stores and there all out of stock since they ordered like 10 copies of the game xD

TOO PAWNED3127d ago

hmmm whos their source? VGchartz`? That site has no clue on EU/USA numbers

Neckbear3127d ago

Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas only sold because they appeal to teenagers and their friends say OMG DIS GAEM ROX BRAH U CAN MAEK HEAD XPLODE.

Naruto games appeal to weaboos mostly, and hell, it actually sold good enough, IMO.

mrcash3125d ago

I don't think I know any teenagers that play fallout, most people I know that play fallout are adults, if anything Naruto appeals more to kids and teens, look at all the ps2 versions mainly kids buy those.

Optical_Matrix3127d ago

Are you high? For a niche anime game like this thats amazing WW sales. And they will continue to grow into early next year I think.

RyuDrinksTheDew3126d ago

a bust? for this type of game, those sales are pretty damn good.

ABizzel13126d ago

I didn't realize it was out already, I'll have to pick it up soon.

princejb1343126d ago

this game deserves alot more sales
its a fun animated game

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crxss3126d ago

yeah wish the sales were higher cause i love the game and the developers deserve more recognition. it'll end up selling a lot more than storm 1 did though.

George Sears3126d ago

Game did pretty good for its niche market appeal.

Dirk Benedict3126d ago

this game is probably going to be a christmas present under a lot of trees. we would be wise to excpect a spike in sales during the 2nd half of nov through christmas.

raWfodog3125d ago

I already told my wife to get it for me for christmas :)

Ruggadagod3126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

that niche games like this always sell better on PlayStation. I'm surprised it even sold on the 360. it's a...

1.anime game
3.about ninjas

where do you think it would sell the most? the 360 lol. naw sorry i would rather buy it on ps3.

i have 7 people on my psn friend list that bought this game which alone tells me it did good on a personal level.

edit: why did i get a disagree? these types of games sell better on PlayStation consoles.

simplyRealistic183126d ago

i wasnt one of the people who gave you a disagree, but you probably got a disagree because you all of a sudden made it about 360 v ps3 varied genre audience

and you went on to say more of your friends on psn bought it ...blah blah...blah blah...All stuff that really no one cares for and really is bordering off topic

NoBias3126d ago

I got the game on my PS3. But I got my 360 before my PS3. And I'm a big anime fan. So how and why do the PS3 and enjoying Anime go together?

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