Microsoft An "End-Stage" Company

Microsoft as we know it may not be around in another decade--maybe not even in five years. There's hardly a single tech industry trend line pointing in Redmond's favor right now, and some of those curves are about to get a lot steeper, real fast.

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darkcharizard3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

Time for Bill Gates to step in.

@rroded - Xbox 360 has been a huge asset for Microsoft, so its unlikely we won't have a next gen Xbox.

nix3125d ago

"Microsoft's defenders, and Microsoft itself, point to the company's lock on the PC operating system market (more than 90%) as proof it's still a dominant player that controls a bunker from which it can generate piles of cash and withstand reversals in other segments.

But that's just whistling past the graveyard, spouting a tune written from backward-looking data not particularly useful for gauging the impact that hugely disruptive new products like tablets and smartphones and even tablet-smartphone hybrids are about to have on Microsoft's place in IT. Market research group NPD recently found that 13% of iPad users bought the Apple OS-based device instead of a Windows PC. That's a hugely significant number for a product that didn't even exist a year ago. Just wait until it gets more features, and comes down in price."

ProjectVulcan3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

If anyone read the technology news this week, the headlines were significant. Apple revenues surpassed microsoft's for the first time. That is huge news. There is foundation to support the question marks of microsoft's business strategies over the past decade or so, with the companies value more than halving in that time under Ballmer's leadership. These are facts.

Interpretation is opinion.

As an aside for a games site, the Xbox project has lost microsoft over 6 billion dollars since its beginning in the late 90s. When you see Entertainment and Devices division posting Q1 2010 profits of 382 million dollars, you realise that it would still take years if not decades to ever make a penny on the whole thing assuming such profit would be sustained!

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

MS was on the way down even before Bill left so that's not going to help much. Apple and Google will be the ones to place the final nails in the MS' coffin.

hiredhelp3125d ago

gaming side of things .nintendo and sony be left standing. microsft was always small fish in a very large gaming pond. if you disagree on that you must all be under my age.

MS was on the way down even before Bill left (YOUR RIGHT)

On the internet and pc based side of things apple as always been a thorn in MS ass. and microsft tryed dirty sh*t to google so google have prooven there ground and thought back many times. they will end up winning.

microsft started off sorry bill gates started off by stealing a idea started windows. netscape gave birth to the internet. bill gates didnt like it. the bigger they are the harder they will fall.

Inside_out3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

Another hateful article written by a typical hater. M$ only knows how to make money. Steve Ballmer has been nothing but successful and as a result is the 33rd richest man in the WORLD, worth well over 14 BILLION...ALL of it tied to how M$ performs, talk about incentive.

M$ continues to dominate while the haters continue to cry. Your only as good as your last product and the fact that M$ has been around as long as they have is testament to how good their products have been.

Fast forward to this year and it's all dollar signs. XBL is the envy of the gaming world. XBOX 360 the brand is making big inroads in the gaming world after everybody said the big American company should just quit after last gen. Kinect and Halo Reach have/will dominate and are. Windows 7 demolishes all ( 240++ MILLION sold ) it's competition after all the haters said they, M$, should just quit after Vista's Ballmer only knows how to make money and be successful...get use to it.

BTW...M$ has bought 12 companies in the last 15 months...want to guess what's next.

guzman3125d ago

@ cez of rage: Cool story bro, I seriously hope you have stock in MS or some vested interest, otherwise that rant of your's is pretty freakin sad. Say, maybe "M$" can buy you some more bubbles.

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vhero3125d ago

Thing with MS and there owners is they went about this gaming generation all wrong I mean sure it's gonna net them millions of consoles sold but at what cost really? They threw money at everything to get what they wanted where as Sony build relationships and foundations as does Nintendo. Not only are they probably gonna end up 3rd (at the end of this war thanks to PS3 catching up quick and a core of gamers leaving thanks to Kinect taking over) but they will have probably lost billions doing so.

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HuGi3125d ago

i bet that in 10 years MS will still be here and doing like 20B per quarter... haha

stupid haters never learn.

Sheikh Yerbouti3125d ago

It might be...but it is more likely it won't be making that money from mobile phones, search engines, cloud computing...etc..

Microsoft is copying everyone in those areas not leading in any shape form or fashion. With LIVE Microsoft has a niche with the 360. With Windows and Office, it has a lock although there's not much growth there - everyone gets it.

vhero3124d ago

I don't think people understand everybody is taking over MS territory now. With Googles O/S coming out in a few years to rival windows MS have been looking in other avenues but it seems the gaming market is too competitive to make a quick buck and MS have found this out the hard way. They have tried to make up for it though by ripping off there customers who allow them to for some weird reason.

The prob is products like windows sell for a lot and make MS a lot of money as there is no real competition by a major company (linux is so small only a small percentage of users know about it and how to install/use). This all came about as there other major products like office are losing massive sales now thanks to great open software like open office and firefox taking over the web.

TrevorPhillips3125d ago

Blame this on the Illuminati

KiLLUMiNATi_893125d ago

Man this wicked world is ran by the illuminati. People knowledge ain't up there to bring it up in topic. Killuminati all DAYY

Redrum0593125d ago

illuminati is ultimately rulled by one.

...rainman ,a demonic figure

look him up.

visualb3125d ago wasn't a joke?...


morganfell3125d ago

The issue is MS uses and old method of generating revenue.

"Here is our product, pay this set price, and we get the money".

In the modern era that won't work. MS still feels everything has to have an immediately payable price tag attached to it and they have not evolved into a company like Google for example that understands a broader method of profit generation and profit seeding.

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JasonPC360PS3Wii3125d ago

morganfell Dude seriously, stop bringing knife to a gun fight. You have no idea what the hell you are talking about. MS is using an "old method" yet they are ahead of Sony. Wouldn't Sony's method be old since they are last?

Chromer3125d ago

Not sure if you heard but your boy Major Nelson told on Microsoft earlier. 360 is dominating the PS3 the way you want to think anymore. Get with the times.

Ducky3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

Not sure what you mean by "sony being last"... unless if you're referring to consoles, in which case that's not even what Morgan was talking about.

Microsoft is a company that is going downhill (or atleast, thats the speculation at this point).
Apple, Google (and hell even Sony if you feel so inclined to bring it to the party) isn't.

Although I'd say that Xbox's live system was innovative. Can't say that didn't have any impact (for better of worse) over gaming.

Killzone3Helghast3125d ago

The fact that M$ uses billions in advertising and had to pay billions for RRoDs and then some billions for Kinect oh and not to mention the millions for exlusive DLC that didn't help them in any way what so ever. Sony relies on word of mouth and everyone KNOWS that a Sony product is reliable. Microsoft the (in)famous creators of the;

MS faulty operating systems(Blue screen of Death anyone?)
??? I don't know thats all I have

morganfell3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

Jason360 seriously, get some glasses. Stop bringing a small brain to a big brain discussion.

Where did I mention Sony? Let's look at that, shall we?

S-O-N-Y Sony

G-O-O-G-L-E Google

See the difference. I know it is confusing at first, but if you try real hard it will come to you. Think of the letters as pictures. It's like last week when you made your first attempt to stop using the large Husky pencil and move to an adult No. 2. Just concentrate.

I hope I am not going over your head. I don't mean that as an insult but if you can't distinguish between the word Sony and the word Google then one has to wonder.

Now either you have some sort of ophthalmic issue, mental incapacitation, or you are obsessed with Sony. You know, the company that just closed the gap on the 360 to less than 500K.

And discussing Sony is hardly fair to MS. One company relies on buy offs and their advertising department to fool the consumer and the other puts out solid products and continues to push the bleeding edge as they close in on second place in the console wars.

Sony is already first in quality but that is a different matter and too mentally taxing for you at this mean time. Understand? Good.

Since you had trouble reading the word Google, I'll go easy on you, use big small words, and tell you the first company of which I spoke is MS and the latter I mentioned is Sony. Just be aware that 'latter' is not the thing you climb. Latter means 'the second mentioned' or 'later in time'.

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gamingdroid3125d ago

That's funny, because Google generates most of their profit from ad revenue through their search. Not much else has produced any profit!

If you follow the news, MS is poised to do very well with Azure, their cloud tech competing with

If there is one thing MS understands, it is enterprise and that also happens to be were most of the profits are!

Yes, MS has made some mistakes, but remember when Apple almost went out of business and MS saved their @ss making a healthy profit in the act. MS is still a healthy company and they are investing in the right areas. Slow or not, people thought Android didn't have a chance against iPhone. Look what happened? What about Google competing with Yahoo? Xbox 360 against the PS3?

Sheikh Yerbouti3125d ago

Oh right...I guess the GOOGLE'S Droid op is free, huh?

gamingdroid3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

"Not much profit...?
Oh right...I guess the GOOGLE'S Droid op is free, huh?"

Android Operating System is open source and free!

It is released under the Apache License which means you are free to modify and use it as you wish. That is one of the reason why it is so popular, but it also opens the individual companies for lawsuits.

On the other hand if the operating system was licensed like say other software such as Java, then the company selling the license is under threat from lawsuits. It's free with risks.

Sheikh Yerbouti3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

Aha! But yet there is a license! Open source means that you can modify it. Modifying it doesn't mean you don't have to pay for it. Trust me. Everytime that little robot comes up for Motorola, T-Mobile, whomever...Googles is getting a fat check. They're selling their phones off Google's brand.

*circles around ears*

It doesn't matter if they make billions or not. What matters is market share. Google just need to meet enough its needs to survive and maintain it dominant market share. As long as they have market share, that is money Microsoft isn't making. That is billions down the drain.

Is it that every 360 fanboy has bought into the belief that Microsoft can throw money at their problems and they'll go away?

gamingdroid3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

Free is Free. Android is released under Apache License! It's not Linux, but it sure is released under the very same license that the free Apache webserver is released under. You know, one of the major webserver software that is probably power the majority of the websites in the world!

If you have any proof of fees, show it to me! Don't make assertions without any information to back it up.

Either way, it doesn't change a darn thing. MS just like Google has one business that is their major profit engine. Pure and simple. Everything else is peanuts!

"Is it that every 360 fanboy has bought into the belief that Microsoft can throw money at their problems and they'll go away? "

Based on that comment alone, I see you have a personal agenda!

Sheikh Yerbouti3124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

That little green Android is branded by Google. These companies are using that green android in every advertisement. You see it in stores and circulars from Best Buy to Verizon Store. Google owns that. Google owns that branding.

That is worth as much if not more than the source code itself. One is a fool to think that a company is not going to make money off that. It may be a lot, it may be a little. IMHO this puts the burden of proof on you, but neither of us really know.

From CNN: "Google has in the past been tight-lipped about the financial details of its non-search businesses, leading some analysts to speculate that those product lines were insignificant to the company's overall revenue.

"Rosenberg conceded that analysts need to use 'Jedi investigation skills to find out what's going on" in non-core businesses, but he assured them that "we do in fact care about money.'"

*more circles around ears*

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chazjamie3125d ago

"latter". hmm. that is hilarious.

vhero3124d ago

@Jason 360 how about you and your fanboys go away and don't come back?? They are 3 million ahead now and that's because of a year+ head start in which they sold over 8 million consoles so Sony has caught up by 5 million. Only fanboys ignore the facts so go away *shoo* Sony's PS3 is selling better worldwide year for year and if your so much of a fanboy you can't see that I pity you.

Condemnedman3124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

Vhero you call him a fanboy yet all you ever do is slag of Microsoft because it has sold as much if not more than your beloved Sony and it hurts you ,Morgan and the rest of butt hurt saddo's .your all prob the same person . I've no doubt sony will prob overtake the 360 but so what ? It still wont over take the wii and then the next gem will start . Your hate of Microsoft just shows your childish behaviour you need to stop worrying and start gaming you pathetic excuse for a person and do what I and own both consoles .

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