Call of Duty Black Ops: Nearly All 42 Available Weapons In Action

Five brand-new gameplay videos from Call of Duty: Black Ops emerged, which are showing nearly all 42 available weapons in action.

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Der_Kommandant3128d ago

Akimbo shotguns again?


getonmylev3l3128d ago

Well without stopping power it's going to be less of a problem.

MRMagoo1233128d ago

I doubt it you have to remember shotguns are one shot kills at close ish range anyway if you get hit by 2 at once your dead. you will have ppl using this and just hiding in a little gap somewhere one shotting anyone that come in view. Im still excited about the game no matter what tho.

CamelCarcass3127d ago

Anyone else notice how the HUD takes up way too much of the screen in 4 player split screen?

There's a huge gap between the position of the mini-map and things to the edge of the screen.

Maybe I'm just being fussy, but I play multiplayer split screen quite often, and being quite competitive, I'd get annoyed at it.