Go Play: Bounce Boing Voyage hits N-Gage

Pocket Gamer were at Nokia's Go Play event in London today, which saw more news on the launch of its N-Gage platform. Downstairs from where the announcements are being made, there's a load of stands showing games, so naturally they were soon there for some hands-on impressions.

One game only available in video form for now is Bounce Boing Voyage (ouch!), which is a 3D revamp of the older Bounce game, which has come preloaded on many a Nokia handset in its time. You know, the platform game with the red bouncing ball.

Anyway, the N-Gage version is due out next year, and is... a 3D platform game with a red bouncing ball. Surprisingly. It is reminiscient of Super Monkey Ball immediately, although it looks to have more of an adventure-based twist.

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