Gamers ‘Kinect’ to New Xbox Motion Controls

The new no-controller control system, Kinect for Xbox 360, hits stores next week. In AP’s weekly Video Game Video, Ubisoft offers a preview of its motion-sensing Kinect games. (Oct. 29)

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units3125d ago

some trolls are trolling

MariaHelFutura3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

Facts are Facts.

hennessey863125d ago ShowReplies(5)
Dsnyder3125d ago

"All games are lagging and ps move has only 3 milliseconds of lag so therefore its better than kinects ps eye ripoff"

Strikepackage Bravo3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

known as MOVE, is pretty much irrelevant, especially since it is the same identical device as the Wii. Everyone who wants a Wii has one already, they are not going to buy a MOVE to go with it, who needs two Wiis.

Kinect is new exciting, and will be a huge success. Even I am starting think it looks kinda neat, however; if I get it, it will be for my wife and kid.

Dsnyder3125d ago

The thing is, The wii mote doenst really work as a controller. Its been proven to be far too laggy for serious gaming while playstation move is lag free (its lag is so miniscule, your brain wont be able to notice). So therefore the move is the first motion controller that actually works they way its supposed to and should not be called a wii ripoff.

Bigpappy3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

It feels very floaty. Its not comfotable or as precise as you guys let on. How do I know? I played with it myself at Best buy. It is not terrible, but I don't see why it is leeps bounds better than the Wii. The game that I played gave me the same feel as when I play with the wii. I see no reason at this point for anyone Hardcore or otherwise to see the Move as a must have. Oh sorry, that was wrong. They are some of us that have to buy what ever is release for the PS3 or 360. But the game play experience I had with the Move was far from being a fun one.

Chug3125d ago

Don't speak for everybody, I own a Wii and Move. Hope that doesn't hurt your feelings.

baodeus3125d ago

Kinect is an improved version of ps eye: added 3D motion sensing
Move is an improve version of the wii: added accuracy

So what is w/ all the hate?

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N4WAH3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

What game isn't? Everything I am looking at looks either precanned or it's not moving the same as the people playing it. Just watch a person playing when they move their arm in an arch motion with child of eden. The cursor on screen isn't moving in an arch but only from side to side in a straight line.

I am still so frustrated with MS for going this route. This is not what the industry needs. The industry needs developers like Ubisoft, EA, Activision, etc and so on to come up with original ideas and top milking the same franchises year after year with little to know effort on their part. The only reason why devs like ubi are on board with Kinect is because of money vested vs money to gain. Motion games are a cash cow and that is what the industry doesn't need yet what they have been getting away with most of this generation.

Sorry but all the money being spent on this garbage FOR SOCCER MOMS and LITTLE KIDS (not the 360's audience) is money that could've have been spent on games for us or R&D for a new console!

mugoldeneagle033125d ago

"Sometimes you spend 15 minutes failing to throw a virtual pizza at your virtual lion because your physical technology can't detect you"

Kinect has a long way to go before I think it'll truly catch on. A year from now when we start seeing some better software for it, I could see myself purchasing it & a 360, I just hope those games come soon because I don't know how much longer Microsoft plans on keeping the 360 going.

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T9X693125d ago

Child Of Eden looks pretty damn cool with Kinect, and Fighters Unchaged looks pretty cool as well. Other than that, the rest of Kinect is a bore feast.

Stealth20k3125d ago

previews of child of eden with kienct say otherwise

Tito083125d ago

Is that a Tranny???? because looks and moves like a dude!!!!

Inside_out3125d ago

Ubisoft has really been a big supporter of Kinect and I'm sure that the next wave of games from Ubisoft will be great. They seem to have a really good grasp of the tech.

DigitalRaptor3124d ago

You're right. Ubisoft are a big supporter of Kinect. Why though? Because it will make them a lot of money.

Will Kinect ever make any game better? No.

Get over it. We know you want Kinect to be successful and that you love MS and your Xbox, but are you really thinking about what's best for the industry & gamers, or just your own selfish fanboy needs?

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awiseman3125d ago

However, I got only one. So Il be honest. Kinect looks like fun. Go ahead thumb me down sony faboys you cant bring me lower.

Silly gameAr3125d ago

Oh you poor poor victim. G4 has a + and - system too. You might like it better there. I promise that the only bully you'll run into is misinformation and fanboy comments that rival the worst of the worst.

Try not to let the commenters push you around now, but I think you would fit right in. Remember, if someone says something bad about 360, (taboo on G4) just ask the writers for help. They got your back.

dtrain213125d ago

Sony fanboys love to troll in a Kinect article cuz no one is talkin about or interested in MOVE

Dsnyder3125d ago

No I think this is why
That guy sure is flexible o wait.

Dsnyder3125d ago

Lol I love how people on this site think they can disagree with facts. Not only is there obvious lag in that video, there is also a weird glitch that make the avatar do a 180 twist with its back. I think im going to have to write a blog about that I think of this disgree system since no one else will.

Also the sky is blue duing the day. Now my post cant be disagreed with.

Terarmzar3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

Why is it that if you own a ps3 on this site then your always some sort of troll?
Every troll on this site is un-needed including you.
In fact your just as bad as them.

ct033125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

Nuff said.

Edit: This reply was supposed to go under the Youtube video Dsnyder posted.

N4WAH3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

I wish these whiners would put up or shut up. According to them everyone that isn't happy about Kinect is a troll, fanboy or don't own a 360. The bottom line is this device is not for the 360 gamer. The 360 is geared towards hardcore and this device is primarily for casual (little kids and soccer moms). MS themselves have come out and said it. Just read the article posted here yesterday with Greenburg regarding reviews and expectations from user feedback.

dtain21 are you getting Kinect? Are any of you guys constantly complaining and calling everyone a troll that isn't impressed with Kinect, getting one November 4th? If not then why do you care? If you are I would love to see the photo's proving you own one because to be honest I doubt most that praise or defend this device, not only are not going to purchase one, but really don't have any interest in it. You are only defending it because you take these silly console wars too far.

I personally know a ton of gamers, most of them adult gamers, and not one of them has any interest in Kinect after E3 2010. Another thing before someone says otherwise. A few of my friends played it at E3 2010. This is a device for casuals and not the 360's core audience. Again like I said, MS admitted that, FINALLY.

Oh and not only am I a 360 gamer but I am a 360 gaming freak! I own 5 360's and have 3 gaming setups in one gaming room. 1 for racing, 1 for fighting and 1 for everything else. I just wish the money that was wasted on this crap (Kinect) was put to better use, games for 360 GAMERS!

Strikepackage Bravo3125d ago

its because Wii, oops I mean Move is an after thought. NO ONE is talking about Wii 1.5. Even before it launched all the buzz was about Kinect and not Move, will kinect fail, will it succeed, but no one was talking about Move, and I think the sales will reflect this reality.

Mediocre effort from Sony will produce mediocre results.

tinybigman3125d ago

i gotta ask i own all 3 systems, and i've not bought one shovelware game for either of systems. i don't like or have any interest in kinect because of all the crappy games they are selling to kids and soccer moms.

does this make me a fanboy/troll or just someone who doesn't want that crap in his systems?

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alb18993125d ago

I'm wondering why not to enjoy what we have now and let kinect arrive so we can really see his potential.

I'm leaving, i'll be playing uncharted 2, seeya!

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