Yep, Apple Rocketed Past Microsoft In Revenue This Past Quarter By Over $4 Billion

When Apple passed Microsoft in market cap this past May, the Microsoft fanboys were out in full force. “This means nothing.” “Microsoft still makes so much more money than Apple.” “Look at the revenues.”

Okay, let’s look at the revenues.

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HuGi3128d ago

u may be dissapointend after seeing the huge sucess MS products will be.

Imperator3128d ago

Did you just completely ignore btk's comment? The only thing that's been successful is their OS. Everything else has completely failed, and I'm pretty sure that if Kinect isn't a huge success, the Xbox brand will be dropped. Sure, it's sold quite a lot, but they have almost no first party, they don't have the money to buy third party exclusives (wasted on Kinect), the PS3 is rapidly catching up, and next year looks pretty much dead for the 360. Unless Kinect has a Wii-level effect, you can kiss the Xbox brand goodbye.

logikil3128d ago

Hmmm, I'm pretty sure that MS would consider Office and the Xbox success stories. MS is only in their second console cycle and they are already playing on par with Sony and Nintendo for brand recognition. If you consider that a failure then you and I have very different definitions of the word failure.

Silver3603128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

They still made over 541 million in profits. The rest of this stuff is just bragging rights. Outside of Oil Companies, Apple and Google what company's are posting that kind of profit. I heard that stock holders earned 62 cents a share. They made money!!!!! The only real complaint is that the stock price is not higher. Oh by the way where would they be without that Billion dollars from Xbox live. Why in anyone's mind would they drop a business that brings in over a Billion dollars? Do some thinking people. MS is doing great. The only thing people see though is Apple is doing better.

SkyGamer3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

I don't believe everyone buys into the apple belief. There are so much better products out there (psp, ds, pc's, etc), apple is like Wii, just following a trend. Let's just see how long they can hold on to that trend. It will be a cold day in hell before I shell out 600 bucks for an ipad when I can get a tablet pc with dual core, 3 gb ram and 250 gb hdd with Win7 for about the same price.

Plus people forget that MS owns the patent to play music off portable HDD which every i product uses and that MS bought 150 million dollars of apple stock back when there shares weren't going for anything at all. Trust me, MS is not hurting at all.

gypsygib3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

PS3 has caught up, it like a million behind now only. That's pretty much a tie game.

I don't get MS's focus on casual gaming now, last gen there were over hundred million gamers that bought PS2 which was mainly a core gamer system. This gen's there's over 80 million and growing - it's still a huge market of customers that won't lose interest very quickly and who buy a lot of different games. PS3 has cemented itself as the core gamers system of choice now while 360s lost almost all of its first parties, refuses to put money behind acquiring any more and has completely turned casual in its focus. 500 mill on marketing alone for casual Kinect and not one new first party core IP for next year.

thewhoopimen3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

Those Microsoft owned apple shares were sold along time ago. Apple products are well made enough that a cycle of last gen iPhone owners have upgraded rather than migrated.
I think you are mistaking a fundamental concept about apple and lifestyle computing and how or why it is successful. It's great that you'll be getting one of those uber specced tablet systems coming out. Yeah it's nice you'll be getting 2x the speed and 4x the capacity of my current iPad (I'm typing with one right now). But what are we using this tablet for? Photoshop? Video editing? With 1ghz, I am accessing everything on my iPad in less than four seconds... I dont have downtime when i need the ipad for occasional productivity. What does a dual core processor going to do for me? Draw more battery life? A 250gb drive... What for? If I need to do real work... I do it on a workstation which is 5 if not 10x faster with easily quadruple the capacity. Isn't lifestyle computing more about how easily everything works? How I can supplement and enhance my computing lifestyle? With a 1.5 lb tablet... I can do that. In fact I enjoy looking at people lugging their ten lb laptop bags to check email here in shanghai's Starbucks. It's overkill for checking email.

Everybody thinks apple is just a company that makes pretty cases... How are they able to draw a crowd of hype for TEN years now? Are you saying the consumer is that stupid?

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bomboclaat_gamer3128d ago

its funny how these people bash such a successful company
when they can never start a company to be so successful

you dont have shit on MS, never have, never will

until you have your own company thats making profit in the billions
stfu :)

Fishy Fingers3128d ago

Dont mean to be pedantic, but unless you have your own billion dollar company shouldnt you take your own advice?

visualb3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

movie critics should be movie directors, actors and producers before they crit a movie

game reviewers should have to be a game developer before they review a game

citizens should be presidents and politicians before they criticize their government

food critics should be able to have their own resturants, and be able to cook better than the cooks they are evaluating before they crit a dish / resturant

music reviewers have to be in the most successful bands in the world before they can judge some of the more successful ones


you have officially written the must ignorant comment i've ever seen on this site

well done sir.

FLOWCity3128d ago

I remember when Apple wasn't cool..

gypsygib3128d ago

Apple was always cool, just not in the majorities opinion. I had Mac computers since I was a kid, they had one colour green screens.

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