Bungie hints at Naughty Dog’s next project

Gamersmint: In the Bungie blog, we found this quote which hinted at ND’s next project.

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cyborg3008d ago

Uncharted 3, Bungie knows how to do Sarcasm.

MURKERR3008d ago

Because there all friends, they make games for us to enjoy yet its the gamers fielding a all out war.

When you look at the grand scheme of things we gamers are being stupid.

No Way3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Definitely agree. lol. For the most part, developers get along fine.
Hell, even Microsoft, Sony, and Ninty get along fine.. All but the fanboys.

ExplosionSauce3008d ago

Unless devs state otherwise, yes, that's true.

MisterAV3008d ago

Devs get along, but I don't think Microsoft Sony and Nintendo so much

inveni03008d ago

There's no way they're ditching the Uncharted series right now. They're at the top of their game, and Uncharted is a major cash cow for the PS3. It's a mega award winner, and they need to push out at least one more this gen.

I would think they'll try something else after U3, though. They may come back to Uncharted in the next gen, but they will for sure do at least three this gen.

siyrobbo3008d ago

the ps3 is only halfway through its lifecycle, plenty of time for ND to do another uncharted. Id hate for them to get burned out on it

tacosRcool3007d ago

But why would Bungie care?

Quagmire3007d ago

Naughty Dog making Uncharted 3 is about as surprising as Activision shitting out another COD game.

Trebius3007d ago

All their other games have been trilogies, then went into racing spin-offs and such ... so an Uncharted 3 isn't a surprise by any means. look at their track record.

Fan Tastic3007d ago

I'm surprised such a mediocre dev has any inside info on the best developer.

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ReservoirDog3163008d ago

Isn't it just naturally assumed to be Uncharted 3? I mean, it's obvious.

And I loved Jak 1-3. But the story ended after Jak 3. And if you really need a sequel, there's one on the PSP. The industry always needs more new IPs. Let sleeping heroes lie.

Hideo_Kojima3008d ago

...unless your Nintendo.

Over 200 Mario games.

raztad3008d ago

Agree with Reservoir

I much prefer ND move to another IP once done with UC.

gtsentry3008d ago

could be another story for jak 4,should bring them to another planet or sumthing

wedgie3007d ago

I agree. Jak had its great run on the PS2, and it wrapped up nicely. Now with a new system we got Uncharted, and are in the middle of its awesome run.

Now for the PS4, I hope that they have another new great IP that I like. Keep the IPs coming.

It seems like with Naughty Dog, they have a new series with every console. Crash and PS1, Jak and PS2, Uncharted and PS3. And it only keeps getting better.

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Longrod_Von_Hugendon3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

Are the crew over at Bungie really super secret PS3 fanboys? lol Yay!

Can't wait to see what Bungie does with the PS3 hardware. :)

hiredhelp3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

lol. bungie helped naughtydog team with the multiplayer side of the uncharted 2 game. amonst others like infinityward. who had most impact. and was more implamented in the game. (xp ranking matchmaking system. ect. (i mostly hated them listening to other devs by implementing peer to peer)

EvilBlackCat3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

"doesnt this make the fanboys feel silly? the devs must laugh to themselves
Because there all friends, they make games for us to enjoy yet its the gamers fielding a all out war.

When you look at the grand scheme of things we gamers are being stupid."


"When you look at the grand scheme of things we FANBOYS are being stupid."


Bubbles for that comment!


"Are the crew over at Bungie really super secret PS3 fanboys? lol Yay! "

oh that corporate brand brainwashed brain of yours

hiredhelp3007d ago

actually all developers play on all formats.

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KeezNah3008d ago

There need to be more dev fights, mostly because I wanna see who the best Tech Romancer player is.

Bobbykotickrulesz3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )



Thanks for clearing that mess of a statement up for me.

T9X693008d ago

Bungie faced off against Naughty Dog in Halo Reach. He want's to see more developers play against each other in different least that's what I'm assuming he means.

KeezNah3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

@T9X69: Yup, thanks!

@Major Jack Hoff : ;D

Bigbangbing3008d ago

Crash no longer belong to ND.

Coffin873008d ago

that would be awesome.
But as I recall, the last Crash games were garbage ...

TheLastGuardian3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Fuck yes. Naughty Dog is rolling in Cash. They could easily buy back Crash if they wanted to. Trust me I want to play Uncharted 3 badly but I would much rather see my childhood hero get a game on the PS3 developed by Naughty Dog. The last 10 or so Crash Bandicoot games were horrible so I don't want to see Crash die like that. He deserves 1 last good game before the rights are locked away in a safe in the president of Naughty Dog's mansion.

Baka-akaB3008d ago

remember than Naughty dog switched ips everytime they went on a new consoles .

Dont expected any jak , any crash in the future , and hell they'll most likely stop Uncharted when they go on ps4 too .


Anything they do will be Awesome.

No Way3008d ago

So, anything they do will be awesome...
But, not a Halo rip off? Contradictory!

Just let them make a great game.
If interested, then buy it. Simple.

IrishYamato3008d ago

Syphon Filter
Jak and Daxter
Crash Bandicoot
Dark Cloud/Chronicle
Wild Arms
Why the hell have Sony not released at least one of these great franchises on PS3 yet?. It makes no sense to me.

TheLastGuardian3008d ago

Sony hasn't owned Crash since the beginning of the PS2 era. I have no idea why Sony wanted let go of their mascot and why Naughty Dog would want to just sell their frachises. After Uncharted 3 ND will make Uncharted Team Racing then sell that franchise and start a new series on the PS4. It's all they know how to do with a series.

MajestieBeast3008d ago

Sony didnt own the rights to crash universal did who sold them to sierra which got absorbed by activision.

PirateThom3008d ago

Sony and Naughty Dog never owned the Crash IP, or Spyro, Universal did. It's why Sony became so IP hungry and any game they publish they ensure they own IP rights for so they can never lose them.

Syphon Filter was/is being worked on. Various details like people doing mo-cap and things for ot popped up over a year ago. Nothing since then.
Jak and Daxter, Naughty Dog have moved on from.
Dark Cloud, Level-5 seem to be pretty busy at the moment, sadly.
Wild Arms, who knows? It's the odd one since aren't known to be working on anything major.

DaTruth3008d ago

I wish Sony Music still owned Tenchu, then we could get a PS3 sequel.

Activision brought one out for 360, a platform the game was never popular on, it bombed and now they refuse to make another.\

Why do you have to make Tenchu fans suffer for your stupid decision Kottick?

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