Sony's New PS2

Are you one of the 13 people who hasn't purchased a PlayStation 2 but really wants to sing off key with your friends? Well, Sony has a new deal for you at just $149...

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WilliamRLBaker4069d ago

and this is why sony doesn't have 10 year life cycles, back in the ps1 era they never pulled this, this is geting a lil desperate...

MarioFromTexas4069d ago

core, premium, elite , Hd add on and now premium with hdmi. come on at least sony ps3 it's the same console with the same features, it just has a bigger harddrive.

mikeslemonade4069d ago

Sony is not desperate with the PS2. They doing this to help them for PS3. And PS2 keeps selling more than 360 and PS2 still hasn't dropped to $100 which is basically when you can write the console off as it's on its last legs.

Azures4069d ago

desperate??? lmao! When you sell 124 MILLION units of a video game console you are very far from desperate. Their is still a very real market out there for PS2s so shut your face.

WilliamRLBaker4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

Ps1. 7 different revisions over the years.
Ps2 current total 6 revisions.

Learn your history.

Core-No HDD-No HDMI-Wired controller
Pro-HDD-HDMI now-Wireless controller, Headset...ect
Elite-Bigger HDD-HDMI-Wireless Controller-Heatset-More preloaded content then pro.

Even with the upcomming falcom smaller cpu gpu mobo, Its only 4 revisions.

Learn your history.
And yes Desperate sheraRX they are milking as much as they can from the ps2 era, to keep the ps3 afloat.

P.S: if your allowed your opinion then im allowed mine lil comment area nazi.

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CadDad4069d ago

The PS1 had multiple revision changes, most of which didn't change the shell, but they were there.

Personally, I like this PS2's white controller, but the box is strange.


heroman7114069d ago

one thing i disagree with u on is the white controller. it dosent fit into ps name. they are always black or gray

CadDad4069d ago

Apparantly not 'always' considering there was a blue special edition regular playstation as well as this white one. ;) Feel free to disagree with a personal opinion though.