35 Laid Off At IO Interactive, Project Canned

IO Interactive, the Square Enix-owned studio behind Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days and the Hitman franchise, was reportedly hit with a string of layoffs today.

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darkequitus3124d ago

Should have stuck with hitman even though it would have been the 5th. Better than Kayne and Lynch (although I like dog days) and mini ninja.

Hopefully the canned project is mini ninjas 2.

Pandemic3124d ago

If the canned project is Hitman 5, then I'll be very disappointed..

jinofthesheep3124d ago

mini ninjas was pretty good, but k&l was shite. just a terribly poorly finished game, so not surprised that they had to do this. pressure from square enix anyone? the next hitman is already in the works so doubt that anyone from that team has been cut.