GameInformer: Insomniac Talks Resistance 3 Story, Game Modes, and More

When GameInformer visited Insomniac Games in Burbank, California, the development team was kind enough to sit down and chat all about Resistance 3. This video has the creative minds behind the new FPS talking about the game's story, weapons, co-op, and multiplayer.

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mrmcygan3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

Ok this is going to sound very strange, but Joseph Capelli in this screenshot kinda looks like Bill Murray


Quagmire3130d ago

I honestly cannot see the resemblance.

between R2 Capelli and R3 Capelli i mean, the Bill Murray comparison is spot on.

SMW3130d ago

I'd have an easier time believing Hale is dead for good if every time someone from Insomniac mentions the fact he got shot in the head, they did it without that damn wry smile!!!

pixelsword3130d ago

Hale can't die; his name is the hint.

Abash3130d ago

I would be a LOT more excited for Resistance 3 if I wasn't addicted to the Killzone 3 Beta right now

UP3130d ago

Holy crap 90% of the human population around the world is gone?

R2D23130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )


dinkeldinkse3130d ago

Europe was decimated before the events of R:FOM, US was decimated by the end of R2(most likely with the whole North American continent), and Asia, Africa, and South America were probably decimated because of how easily the Chimeran could have gotten into those continents leaving just Australia and some remote islands.

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The story is too old to be commented.