Take-Two CEO to Resign

Ben Feder today announced he is stepping down from his position as Take-Two's Chief Executive Officer. Feder said he is leaving in order to travel Asia with his family for an extended period, but will remain a partner with parent company ZelnickMedia.

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ksense3129d ago

i just want to know where Agent max payne and la noire are

DaTruth3128d ago

Seriously, they announce games and then three years later you have yet to see a screenshot!

CrzyFooL3128d ago

He is going to Japan and Inafune is coming to the USA. It's a Japanese fire drill!!

downwardspiral3128d ago

at e3 they'll probably show a 3 second teaser of agent, then release it in the next 5 years.

creamsoda3128d ago

Rockstar put major effort into their games, in GTA IV and the DLC's are so detailed I always think to myself how long it would have taken them to put in all this stuff not to mention RDR. Quality takes time, im not a R* fanboy but I know those games will be worth the wait.

Hanif-8763128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

GTA IV is just amazing in fact i've never seen a game with as much attention to detail like what Rockstar has done with GTA IV :-)

Redempteur3127d ago

i agree ... they is plenty of stuff to see in GTA 4 .. i spent over 150 hours in it ( with dlcs ) and i'm not sure i've seen everything...

s45gr323128d ago

still waiting for agent damn it.

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