Sony's Fallen Giant

It's getting to that time, after 2 years of great gameplay the favored, 60 gb ps3 has become a coffin. What to do? When this happens, should gamers run out and try to fix the ps3 through one way or another to keep the backwards compatibility? Or if they have their data backed up should they buy a new ps3 slim? Or is it time to give up on Sony's hardware and move onto a 360?

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Motorola3124d ago

so it died once? and your gonna abandon it? WTF....spend 120 and get a slim from Sony

himdeel3124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

...however my PS3 died last week during Killzone 3 beta and in retrospect I agree there wasn't a time where I knew it was going to fail. Nevertheless I don't believe in 90% reliability with any electronic device.

I've decided to get rid of my phat on ebay and to purchase a slim. I'm just not interested in fixing this piece of hardware. Particularly if it fails a second time because you're already spent $300 by that time.

So while I understand anyones frustration if thier system fails I just find it difficult to believe you'd not try the system a second time before moving on to a new console.

ABizzel13124d ago

I must be one of the very fortunate ones. I have a 60GB launch system, and I have had no problem with it. I don't play it everyday non stop, so that may be way. I have a collection of PS2 games, so I would get my 60GB fixed if it every died.

raztad3124d ago


Brother, how are you planing to recover your stuff? saved games and etc if you move to another PS3?

darthv723124d ago

cherrish that baby and keep it clean. I have had two friends who's 60's have bit the bullet. One sent it to a third party and that made it worse so he got a slim. The other sent it to sony and they sent him a nice shiny scratch free hw/bc 60gb unit.

Course it cost him something like $130 but he is happy now. I just have a sw/bc 80gb unit that is starting to give me some funny fuzzy lines and video popping on screen.

Not all the time but anyone else had this? Is this a first sign of worse to come? I try to keep my unit clean. I blow air through it at least once a month.

Here's a lighter note, my elite video died on me so I may not be in the same boat as the this guy but I feel his pain. $120...ouch MS.

N4WAH3124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

I have a launch 60g fatty w/BC and never once had a hiccup with it. It's quiet and runs flawlessly.

GMWPS33124d ago

if you love games and own more than 6 games already, then why not just save up a bit or work harder and buy a 360 too. Gears of War is worth the price of admission alone. It's the main reason I bought a 360. While GT5 was the main reason I bought a PS3 but Metal Gear Solid, Uncharted 1 & 2, God of War 3, Resistance and Killzone 2 were all amazing games. GT5 is now the cherry (albeit a huge planet sized one) on top!

Jaces3124d ago

I'm one of those lucky ones, still got my 60GB PS3 and I use it every day.

Though I do have a slim sitting around just in case things go wrong with my phat. ;P

Soldierone3124d ago

I have the same thought, but the problem is they break in a way that you cant get it repaired. My motherboard fried, Sony said tough luck, and the actual repair company they use said theyd have to special order parts and by then itd cost more to fix it than to replace it. So at the end of the day, I just purchased another PS3.

Lightsaber3124d ago

This is why $ony puts as short warranties on their crap. $ony always told their customers touhg $hit when things break cause they know your just run out and buy a new one. That why I dont understand who the fanboys can be so loyal.

DaTruth3124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

Damn, this is exactly what happened to me. I decided to just grab a Slim and whenever I get around to it, I will have my Ps3 serviced by a third party who can get my data back to me and use it as a secondary system on my other HDTV!

I was also thinking about backing up data prior to my 60 gig's death, but I managed to get LBP, GoW and FF13 saves out between crashes!

EskiJoe3124d ago

I have a 60 gb too... I must be very lucky because its still working

crzyjackbauer3123d ago

i got my refurbed ps3 slim for $120
but i wish i wouldn't have spend that money
its just collecting dust they only reason i use it is when i watch a bluray movie
got a 360 last year and it comes with 3 year warranty out of the box

i was really dissapointed when my 60gb gor YLOD
out of the 2 360's i've had the past five years non of them had RROD on me, and blam my PS3 got YLOD
i always knew i would get a RROD but not a YLOD

MAR-TYR-DOM3123d ago

I had a 60gb original from launch and it got YLOD after two yearrs, they sent me another refurb and the bluray laser on that died 1 year later. Although failures are not widely common, if you dont keep you ps3 phat in a properly cooled place and play a lot, it will die on you.

Lightsaber3123d ago

funny how all the ps3 fangirls talk about the 360 and rrod and the ps3 has the same common problem with yold. was an artilce on here about a year ago I think that list the failure rates for each system and I believe the wii was at like 9%, the 360 16% and the ps3 at 13%. no a huge difference between ps3 and xbox form wii to an xbox is pretty big tho

Corepred43123d ago

what are you talking about lightsaber? are you trying to compare the failure rates of the ps3 and 360? don't try its not even close.

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morganfell3124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

I have a 60GB (along with 2 slims) and there is no way I would get rid of my Hardware Backward Compatible PS3.

The Matrix3124d ago

I remember when I got my first PS3 I wasn't going to get anything but the 60gb. After an idiot ebay seller and no luck I had to settle with the new 40gb. I haven't even had to urge to play a PS2 since. lol

bananlol3124d ago

Youre a lucky man, they didnt even sell those in the EU. I think sony should do two things, one release a patch that let you remove the ps3 harddrive and just shove into another one, like the ps2 memory cards. And two, release a usb device that contains the ps2 hardware( like the rumors). Now if they let the console charge controllers in standby and added .srt support it would be fantastic. And have you guys seen the in game xmb that pops up while watching a movie? Well at least use that one with newer games.

EvilBlackCat3124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

"I have a 60GB (along with 2 slims)"

NAH!!! are you kidding morgan?

3 ps3? for real? wow i dint know that you are such a fanboy

yup a personal attack comment

Oner3124d ago

I agree morganfell. I have a launch 20gb Full BC that works perfectly along with an 80gb Software BC & a 120gb Slim. Not a SINGLE problem...EVER. But my launch day 360 20gb Pro has had 6 RROD's and I finally gave up.

Now that is not to say I have never seen a PS3 or 2 with an issue (hell I just recently bought a 4th PS3 ~ 80gb fat, that is busted for $20) but every single person I know who has a 360 has had an RROD (or multiples) even 2 with RDOD on the new 360s. Hell my launch Wii is perfect as well as my launch PS1, PS2, Dreamcast, N64 and so on.

But on topic with this article I would pay to have the 60gb repaired to get my data. Back it up and keep using it. Done. A 60gb is valuable in hardware, use & time vested.

BulletToothtony3124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )


having 3 ps3's is entirely possible..

No Way3124d ago

That dudes hand is in a cast cause he beats it too much..
Her, I mean, his poor little fragile hands can't take that much abuse.
Poor morganfell.. =(

Really.. what need is there to have 3, Ps3's.

BYE3124d ago

Real PS2 -> backwards compatibility.

The PS2 is a great system and that way you don't wear of your PS3 unnecessarily.

Oner3124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

@ No Way ~ The need for 3 PS3's? Easy. I have 4 HDTV's in my house plus many other things that I work for, want, and/or need...not a hard concept to grasp. No different than wanting/needing other consoles as well (being a gamer). Quite simple honestly.

Dark-Cloud3124d ago

it's possible if u have 6 brothers XD .. i have six brothers and soon i'll buy the 3rd ps3 XD ... lol ..

llMurcielagoll3124d ago

I have my 60GB PS3, bought it sometime January 2008. Still have it, still working like a charm. Really thankful for backwards compatibility.

f7897903124d ago

If you're going to have that many consoles lying around, you might as well make one of them a ps2.

tacosRcool3123d ago

Or give up on it when it breaks for the first time.

BARF3123d ago

a couple days ago there was someone in another article that mentioned that he had 3 ps3's, and he got destroyed for it. people called him a liar and said things like "anyone can make up anything on the internet.". this guy gets nothing but agrees and support. people on this site are morons.

the reason the other guy smashed is because he also said he had a couple xbox's too. i guess when you are a ps3 only fantard this site will accept you.

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Nathaniel_Drake3124d ago

My 60 gig died about 5 months ago, but I have it stashed away in its original box and will fix it later, just as a collectors item. We have a 120 slim anyway

360RRODFIX3124d ago

Just get 3 year warranty and you are set. I don't understand people that don't do that when buying electronic device?!
On topic, this guy is a loser, drama queen mue mue mommy my toy is broken mueh mueh...pathetic, grow up.

darthv723124d ago

if by the extended warranty you mean the one sony offers through the PSN then it wont apply to older units.

I was going to get one for my 80gb but read that it applies to the slim models.

I did get a 5yr warranty on my plasma for $99 and for good reason. Just a few days to the year it died. It was past its mfg and so the extended one kicked in. I cant get a 5yr warranty anymore on new tv's. 3yr is max now through Fry's elec and the price is now $180.

Sunny_D3124d ago

Well, aren't I lucky. Launch 60gb PS3 still kicking! 60 gig owners REPRESENT!

OtherWhiteMeat3124d ago

Mine died..........still don't know what to do with it,fix it or get a refurb.Cause of death "cannot read disc error".This is second time this happened.The first was under warranty.I own a slim but miss my bc.

jellybalboa3124d ago

i bought my ps3 60gb at launch, the monster still lives

darthv723124d ago

send it to sony for repair. Specify that you want the same model back as being sent in. They will send you a nice crisp minty fresh one. Cost is $130 but you get the same 60gb hw bc model back.

mayberry3124d ago

I have my 60g on at least 4 hrs daily! no problems since june 07'! just had netflix on for 8 hrs!

vickers5003124d ago

60gb PS3 > All other PS3s. Seriously, if my ever PS3 dies, I'll be just plain heartbroken. I would rather just buy another 60gb from a pawn shop (our city is small enough that usually there is always a couple in our pawn shops) or pay Sony the 130 bucks to fix mine or send me the same model rather than get a slim.

I simply cannot do without backwards compatibility, memory card slot readers, 4 glorious usb ports (I use and take advantage of every single one), and the amazingly beautiful shiny design with the chrome trim, chrome spiderman lettering (awesome font btw, don't know why they would change it to the crappy font they have now), and touch sensitive buttons with the classic power switch in the back.

No offense to Slim owners, but that thing is ugly compared to the all mighty 60gb.

Moentjers3124d ago

day 1 60gb phat running smooth, popped a 640GB in.
Gave away my 2 PS2's to family so bc is still needed but less and less used.

davekaos3124d ago

That is whats known as playing the console into the ground!.
easy fix but also hard, easy being all you need is the lense hard being you cant find them anywhere and if you do they are refurb'd.

This happened to me and when i could not get i lense i called the lovely sony and explained what had happened, they offered to send me a replacement 60gb or give me a new 250 slim.

I took the slim as i have no use for BC and other OS at the time was also no use as i have a gaming rig

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klashawnd3124d ago

My 60 gig is still going strong although I am thinking about selling it since I NEVER use the BC. I used it when the PS3 first came out since there were no games to play but I can honestly say I haven't used the BC functionality in years.

LiL T3124d ago

Used the BC at launch when there were less games to choose from but after the first two months I stopped using it. Plus the new slim takes up less power and that helps when the hydro bill shows up in the mail.

specialguest3124d ago

along with 4 Sixaxis. I wish those were 4 Dualshock3 instead...sigh

LiL T3124d ago

I will not buy a 360, enough of my friends have them so I can go over there to play it. I have been playing some Forza 3 at my buddys house and its pretty good but thats no reason to buy a 360 for me personally. My 60g just bit the dust last week and I would rather wait without a PS3 until a GT5 package comes out (maybe 2013 when the game comes out.

Guwapo773124d ago

It may run flawlessly but it damn sure ain't quiet. The slim is quiet. I own the original 60g and the 120g slim. The 120g isn't heard during quiet parts of the movies. The 60g I would hear over some dialoge.

I have no problem with your love for your 60g but just keep it real.

MEsoJD3124d ago

60gb is still running strong.

MazzingerZ3124d ago

My 60 GB died after almost 3 years and I got a SLIM, rarely played PS2 games on it...I already played them all, why again? it's not like there are no new games out.

After playing MGS4, Uncharted, Killzone, LBP ,InFAMOUS, R2 co-op.etc I was just amazed that my PS3 didn't explode instead :)

Let him do what he want, it's his money.

hesido3124d ago

I had the blu-ray drive die on me once. 60gb, BC. I never used BC. But I find myself using the 4usd slots more often than not!

vhero3124d ago

My 60gb died last year and I got an 80GB (now has a 500gb drive inside) I miss PS2 games sure but I still got my PS3 and the 80gb hasn't failed me. My 60gb lasted since launch and outlasted 2 360's out of the 3 in total I bought (not at once of course). So I am sticking with it. This article is obviously wrote because of the kinect is coming so I am getting a ps3 article that was released earlier in the week. It's probably even wrote by somebody who never had a PS3.

Hellsvacancy3124d ago

My PS3 bitthe dust (again) last night, tried fixin it (3 times) i think my PS3 has FINALLY totally died, ive been able to fix it b4 but not this time

Its a sad day 4me (got LOADS of weed though so it balances itself out)

KAP_3124d ago

Exactly. 80% of 360 owners are aleast on the third model already down to RROD etc but this article is saying to pack your PS3 in?!

These no name sites should get banned seriously!

BARF3123d ago (Edited 3123d ago )

really where did you get those stats?????????? people dont usually buy new xbox's when they red ring. there is this thing called a warranty and microsoft will fix it for you.

HDgamer3124d ago

That will fix your ps3 for 90 dollars. Used it for mine and it's great. Restores everything on your ps3.

N4Great3124d ago

"Or is it time to give up on Sony's hardware and move onto a 360? (PS3, Sony)"


thorstein3124d ago

can fix it for like $50. That is what I did when I got the YLOD. Forget sending it in etc. Or, youtube if you are savvy enough and fix it yourself.

HDgamer3124d ago

Local computer guy can't do nothing, especially if you live in a small town where they don't know anything about piracy yet.

King-Leonidas3124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

yep i still have 2 ps3 60gb

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kube003124d ago

That is one option I considered, its not cheap though

scar203124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

There's a better site that fixes it cheaper heres the link.
my 60gb also bit the dust rite b4 christmas of last year and i sent it here and ive had no problem since.

Joostin3124d ago (Edited 3124d ago )

I want to go to there lol. (referring to the avatar)

Sheikh Yerbouti3124d ago

yeah that gest the attention.

RoboRyan3124d ago

Hahahaha "I want to go to there." I love 30 Rock so much.

darthv723124d ago

One of my friends sent his unit to them. While they did get it back in a timely manner, it died on him not even 3 weeks later.

I told him to contact them to get it resolved. So far he still hadnt. Looks like he may send it to sony like another friend did.

GodsHand3124d ago

Go pick up a Deans Electronic skill book, use the comprehension perk for double the bonus, and repair it.

ilikestuff3124d ago

hahaaa you got the goods my man!

man0fsteel3124d ago


and the ending result of all of that. I ended up getting a 250gb slim w/madden. I think its time to let go of BC and upgrade to a slim. Slims have chips with smaller nanometer sizes, less heat! much more reliable.

Dnied3124d ago


I will pay sony 189 if mine dies. I don't think I could accept a ps3 with less than 4 USB ports and no backwards compatibility :(