The PlayStation Phone: new photos, more details!

Engadget writes: "We've gotten our hands on some more images of the PlayStation Phone, and gleaned a few more juicy details about the handset. Firstly, as you can see in the photos, the model in question does indeed seem to be codenamed "Zeus" (as we reported on the 27th). Furthermore, the handset pictured is running Android 2.2, though apparently there are multiple devices out there with different versions on board (including at least one packed with Android 3.0). Based on what we know, there's little chance the phone will launch with Froyo -- but it's clear these have been worked on for some time with various versions of the OS."

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Dramscus3129d ago

will be purchasing psphone

darthv723129d ago

its the psp go. Mine is white and does skype.

Funny how this is so similar. Yet with dual analog nubs. I am jealous.

TheLeprachaun3128d ago

I just got a Windows Phone (HTC HD7) on a 2 year contract so this PSP phone doesn't really interest me at all. A PSP2 on the other hand..... gief.

Heartnet3128d ago

it has no Analog sticks xD only a touch pad

JLeVRT3129d ago

just give us a fuckin PSP2

TheLastGuardian3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

I want Both. 1 will be a handheld gaming power house and the other will be a smartphone powerhouse that also plays great games. Sony needs to release the PSPhone ASAP so I can get one for christmas. I expect it to be $199 with a 2 year contract hopefully with AT&T.

NeutralGamer3128d ago

Wow ur a tool :I

Why do I imagine ur a guy wearing Sony t-shirts?

Anyway @JLeVRT

I would also go for the PSP2

TheLastGuardian3128d ago

Oh noes, some random guy on the interwebs called me a tool. That really hurts mah feelins /s

NeutralGamer3128d ago

Lol I'm not going for hurting ur feelings lol...

Just claried a fact...

You know absolutely nothing about this phone.. Maybe it will only be able to play PSP Minis? And yet ur going to buy this AND PSP 2 (Why not just PSP2?), just because this is Playstation branded...

Ur like a simple minded fish, eating the bait without ever realising you got caught on the hook...

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avengers19783129d ago

okay hasn't sony already come out and said there is no PsPhone.

SuperM3128d ago

Officially they've said "we dont comment on rumours and speculation"

Shikoro3128d ago

And that means that mostly the rumour is true. :)

Monkey5213128d ago

I saw an article on slashgamer, where sony said it was fake.

wUTTer3129d ago

Is it me or does the last picture of the psphone with the blue screen blurred out look like it could be an xmb screen

shysun3128d ago

That link said "we don't comment on rumors and speculation".

masterg3128d ago


It has two :)

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jack_burt0n3129d ago

I already have an x10 and a psp and i want it >_<

NeutralGamer3128d ago

The X10 sucks :I

One of the worst Android devices.. I mean 1 Ghz CPU and they are running 1.6?

It would be awesome if they release Gingerbread to X10 and make it compatible with the PSP Phone games...

silvacrest3128d ago

apparently the x10 is gonna get a 2.1 update very soon but still is very late and behind current phones

btk3129d ago

Android + PSP.
Now this is a phone I would want. Hope it has GPS as well.

SoleWiz3129d ago

that shit is mad ugly Redesign.

Kurisu3129d ago

Of course, the sleek design won't be out until the PlayStation Phone Slim!

lomion53129d ago

I cannot agree more...Unfortunately, I imagine the basic design of the device will stay intact. I think I was just wishing for more phone and less pspgo. A dial pad maybe? I dunno. Regardless, this thing is ugly as sin. Guess we'll have to see how well it runs.

sukru3129d ago

Yes it's ugly, but it's probably in early proof of concept design phases where they put together a phone and PSPgo controls to try the software (hope it becomes awesome).

Once they figure out how this thing works, they'll make it more beautiful. (Or at worst case scrap it all together). That's how the products are usually designed.

lomion53129d ago

I hope you're right. I'm just not a huge fan of the look of the pspgo. I'm totally on board with the concept here, I just hate the look.

SuperM3128d ago

I honestly cant see the problem with the design. It looks like an Xperia to me. Xperia look good

ThanatosDMC3128d ago

They really need to change the shoulder buttons on the prototype. It wont be clicky enough.

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Stealth20k3129d ago

This has nothing to do with the psp 2 so I dont care really

Kurisu3129d ago

I'm struggling to see how the PlayStation Phone and the PSP 2 are going to co-exist :/

kingjoker343129d ago

Like the itouch and the iphone?

Stealth20k3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

Not exactly

The psp 2 has a physical medium (memory sticks) which are bigger than umds, lighter,loads better, less noisy, powerful

this phone is just a ericson smart phone. Nothing anyone with gaming in mind is going to worry about

The psp 2 is the next sony portable, never forget that

the phone doesnt factor into the equation

silvacrest3129d ago

im struggling to understand why you bothered to comment at all if you didn't care?

was it so important that random people on the internet know you dont care?

Bull5hifT3128d ago

Sony , bravia hd screen, 12 mega pixel cyber shot camera , something with that oled so it takes way less power and looks great in direct sunlight, plus deep blacks , something more scratch resistant than my psp's.... Ability chain link micro memory sticks maby upto 4 when they go to 32 gigs each , soo like 120 gigs at least with at least 8 gigs built in, at least 1 gig of ram , some thing with the power between xbox 1 and ps3 small , pocket sized, not too heavy like the first gen psp, dual analouge sticks , sony walkman mp3 brand music playback, able to play all types of movie files without converting them, able to quick load super hd images on the fly without artifacting it before it pops in , a gps would be nice and a feature ti pay google $10 a month for basic connected internet anywhere, i think it could be amazing but only thing keeping me from playing my COD4: portable would be the shooting trigger, all the concept are square that really doesnt feel comfortable it could look like an iphone but at least for gaming make some smooth triggers click out or something,, i really dont care about the behind touch except that it'll keep you from blocking the screen

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