From Software: "I Think One Day We Could Bring You Another Demon's Souls"

Life can be cruel, especially to fans of Demon's Souls, the brilliant but unforgiving RPG adventure that has seduced and enslaved many a Gamesblog reader. Regulars on their Chatterbox forum became so devoted to the game following its UK release in June that Guardian arranged to get a selection of their questions out to its Japanese developer, From Software.

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saint_john_paul_ii3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

Yes please, give me demon souls 2 co-op support

Lets convince Them NOW!!!!! XD XD


Godmars2903129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

The "co-op" in Demons Souls is perfect for what it is. Could do with some teaks so friends could play together, but the option to invade someone else's realm is just a fun little "surprise" that only livens up the game.

At least until you get slaughtered by someone who's just wondering through...

specialguest3129d ago

I used to get invaded often, and run away from stronger opponents at the cliff in the Shrine of Storm stage. After acquiring the Demon Brand sword some what early for my level, I purposely wait for invaders and vengefully slaughter them. Every time when I see that red glowing aura manifesting, I have to admit that I get a lil anxious and at high alert.

No FanS Land3129d ago

From software could bring DLC to it, world of the giants, that would be "cruelly" awesome.

Nitrowolf23129d ago

Add voice chat
although it's fun how it is, voice chat wouldn't hurt to have some kind of communication with friends

CimmerianDrake3129d ago

But I emphatically DISagree with voice chat. Imagine playing this game, where mood is essential to the experience, then having some 12 year old black phantom invade you, back stab you, and taunt you with his high pitched, pre-pubescent voice. Voice chat would RUIN this game. Even amongst friends.

JonDiskonected3129d ago

you could either have the option to disable voice chat or voice chat could only be for when friends play together or something like that

Godmars2903129d ago

What if they added a voice modulation option that made you sound demonic or ghostly? That has your voice drifting in and out or on a delay unless you're in the keep so that's the only place you can actually talk.

Just to keep the general spooky atmosphere if not make it annoying and something you wouldn't want to do very often.

foss33129d ago

Unless you're in a private party, to me voice chat ruins a lot of games.

In theory it's great, but in practice it's 99.9% the sound of people playing rap music loud in the background, the sound of them eating, talking to their wife about the baby, and teenagers screaming into the mic.

I always turn off the voice or turn the voice chat volume to 0. I can't stand it.

Hoje03083129d ago

If the enemies could hear you, then voice chat would be fine. The only way to keep the atmosphere would be if you and your friends had to speak in hushed tones.

Weaksauce11383129d ago

Co-op proximity chat would so help this game. You dont want to hear anyone, turn it off or just play with your friends. It's simple and not immersion breaking at all. It's more immersion breaking to think my character is a mute who can only communicate with hand gestures.

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Baka-akaB3129d ago

yeah no thanks to heavy alteration to the multiplayer . Voice chats and a few tweaks could be enough , but there is no need to turn it into the usual stuff

KratosGIRL3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

Anyone knows how much Demon's Souls sold?

Badass game btw

Neckbear3129d ago

Basically called "Project Dark"?

My guess is, Namco Bandai got the deal before SCEJ for it.

young juice3129d ago

nope. project dark is multiplatform and givin from softwares track record. it wont be as good as demons souls since i believe sony helped make demons souls.

specialguest3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

With a lot of new games these days, the devs usually work on DLC and expansion packs before or after the release of the original game. I feel like Demon's Soul is one game that needs it bad.

VandimionX3129d ago

everything about demon's souls is against the norm, even its success; nobody predicted it being such a massive hit. I wouldn't be surprised if dlc is literally impossible, since devs have to ready the game for it before hand. :\

raztad3129d ago

TITLE is misleading. It was NOT FS saying that. It was Sony Japan.

"But now, the title's director Hidetaka Miyazaki and SCE Japan Studio's Takeshi Kaji"

FINAL QUESTION: Will there be a sequel?!

HM: I will let Mr Kaiji answer that question.

TK: At the moment, my answer is "no sequel!" However, we have been encouraged by all the players, and this title is so well supported, and besides we like this title so much… Well, this is my own feeling, but I think one day we could bring you another Demon's Souls..."

It is up to SCEJ whether DS has ever a sequel. I'm glad FS and SCEJ are in good terms, this is definitely a good sign.

ThanatosDMC3128d ago

Bigger worlds, more enemies, more armor sets, more weapons, more magic, basically more of everything! The got a full bluray to fill after all.

It'd be great for easier co-op, fix the broken ranking system, or just completely remove it from the game but be able to check random players armor sets and what not.

Bigger and more open worlds would be great, but let Black Phantoms have some sort of easy way to track down Human players and Blue phantoms.

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eggbert3129d ago

was a spiritual successor?

Godmars2903129d ago

More like an attempt to turn the IP multiplatform, get it into the hands of more Westerns, while retaining the actual name as a PS3 exclusive for some reason. I think Sony owns it.

Imperator3129d ago

I think Project Dark won't be anywhere near as good as Demon's Souls. I have a feeling that they're gonna make the game easier to appeal the 360 crowd. I'll be waiting for Demon's Souls 2.

Neckbear3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )


Protip: The PS3 has just as many weak-minded, non-hardcore gamers as the 360.

sikbeta3129d ago


Yes, the Multiplatform games...

kaveti66163129d ago

imperator, you have to go and say something stupid like that?

wow, to make a generalization like that about a large group of people you don't even know. such douchebaggery.

Killed4Less3129d ago

You in the KZ3 beta? Why don't you send me over your PSN and as a 360 gamer lemme show you easy.. an easy death.

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Killed4Less3129d ago

Just don't bring us another Ninja Blade.

From software really shafted 360 owners on that deal. Considering how much support that console has given them that won't be forgotten any time soon.

radphil3129d ago

"Considering how much support that console has given them that won't be forgotten any time soon."

Only support I saw from them was for Armored Core on 360....From Software has been around much longer than the 360/PS3 era.

TheColbertinator3129d ago

Good interview.I actually enjoyed it.I always hated From Software games until Demons Souls came out

Lirky3129d ago

project dark= not demons souls its multi-platform hack n slash. *new* project.

Demons souls is demons souls a demons souls II would probably be renamed with demons infront of the title : demon horror or something.

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