IGN's No. 1 PS2 Game Revealed

After listing 99 other games, it's time to reveal which game is the best PlayStation 2 title ever, according to Is it one you've played? On you hate? One you've never heard of? Let's find out.

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80083128d ago

Ps2 best console of all-time. Basically a fact.

JoySticksFTW3128d ago

but this is a great pick

Then maybe FFX imho

Killzone3Helghast3128d ago

MGS3 just did it for me.. I still prefer it over MGS4, played it over constantly and never got bored of it. There were different paths you could find and I even rebought it for MGS3 Substance for online play which made it even better

RedDead3128d ago

Res4(even though it came out on GC first)
GTA san Andreas/vice city(i'm conflicted because I LOVED the amount of thigns to do in SA such as have your own airfield)

I'm sure theirs a good few more i'm forgetting , anyway these games here are in my top 20 list of all games)

SaberEdge3128d ago

And it is still selling like crazy to this day. The PS2 was and is, indeed, a very special console.

There are so many good games and good memories I have from the PS2 days -- GOW1, GOW2, Onimusha 1 2 & 3, Tenchu Wrath of Heaven, Tenchu Fatal Shadows, MGS2, MGS3, Resident Evil 4, Jak & Daxter series, Ratchet series, Okami, and on and on. But I have to say that out of all the amazing PS2 games two of them stand out to me as truly memorable and unique: Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. Those are two games that I don't hesitate to call masterpieces.

I'm not sure if I would pick one over the other as they are both outstanding. I am so happy that they are making the Team Ico collection. To be able to revisit those games in HD with improved graphics and framerates will be amazing.

DORMIN3128d ago

Definitely in my Top 5 all time.

Probably even in Top 3.

Kevin McCallister3128d ago

I beat SotC like four times, but seeing that video brought back the memories of just how amazing and groundbreaking it was and still is. It's definitely in my top 5 PS2 titles and might just be the best PS2 game out there, but I can't call it my personal favorite. That award has to go to Persona 3 or 4.

On a side note, unless something amazing happens, this current console generation is going to go down as the absolute worst imo. I blame that on publisher/developer greed and development costs/time as compared to the past console cycles.

Idree3127d ago

Metal Gear Solid 3 is definitely, my all time favourite on PS2, or any console for that matter :)

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Shang-Long3128d ago

Ps2 is what made me Into a gamer.

Shang-Long3128d ago

@ disagrees.. Seriously?

I started following gaming in in middle school when i got a ps2.

Jake3603128d ago

Maybe because the PS2 wasn't what turned other people into gamers? Do you know what disagree means!?

It was the PS1 for me, but i'm 18. :)

Bloodraid3128d ago

Perhaps you're the one not understanding... He never claimed "PS2 is what makes people gamers", he simply said "PS2 is what made me a gamer".

Not sure how you can disagree with a statement like that.

SaberEdge3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

Dang, all of you are young. I started gaming in earnest back on the NES and Sega Master System. And even before that I dabbled in gaming on the Atari consoles and PC. I've owned most of the consoles that have come out since then.

I had already been playing games for years before the PS1 and PS2 came out.

The PS1 and PS2 were amazing consoles, though. The PS1 really brought me back to gaming after my interest started to slightly wane between the SNES/Genesis era and N64/PS1 era. The PS1 had the more mature themed games that I was really craving by that time.

I'm not trying to say I'm better than you because I am older or have been playing games longer. Sometimes I am just caught off guard a little bit by how new some of you are to gaming. It helps explain to me why some of you are so fiercly attached to just one brand of console. Happy gaming to you all.

ElementX3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

Master System was awesome! I played my dad's Atari before that, though.

I actually never owned a PS2. I went from PS1 to PC gaming to Xbox, now PS3 and 360.

Spydiggity3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

similar jump for me. although i owned a ps2 for a short while, then the disc drive stopped reading discs. so instead of getting another ps2, i switched to xbox. looking back, i'm really glad it worked out that way, but i definitely regret never experiencing this game, it looks like a ton of fun. When i saw that Yahtzee liked it a few weeks ago, i knew it must be good.

EDIT: I guess i had a gamecube too, but i only played SSB and Mario Kart when ppl would come over. just didn't wanna leave nintendo out of this...only nintendo i skipped EVER is the Wii. not a shred of interest in motion gaming.

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T9X693128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

Can't argue with that. PS2 is a beast.

@cmrbe - You're right, I fixed it :)

TheLastGuardian3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

I can't wait for The Last Guardian but I would love for Team Ico to make Shadow Of The Colossus 2 in the future. The game is complete by itself and doesn't need a sequel but Team Ico can think of something like a prequel or something. I just want another game with a beautiful story and world where I can take down some new Colossi.

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cmrbe3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

PS2 is still the beast.

Let me borrow your time machine.

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ico923128d ago

OMG for once i actually agree with IGN

phntom3128d ago

10 Xbots disagrees.

Shadow of the Colossus was the most touching game I've ever played, It Was Truly an unique experience. Manly tears.

Marceles3128d ago

yeah PS2 was awesome, PS1 was good too but I absolutely loved the SNES just as much

thegood333128d ago

Easily the most overrated game of all time. Riding a horse in an empty world, and then jumping on a giant's foot and pushing buttons until something happens. Oh, what fun...A tech demo, nothing more.

DigitalAnalog3128d ago

What a waste of commentary. Over-rated? Show me the scores, the sales, the GOTY awards? You can't? Well then F*CK OFF!

-End statement

GrandTheftZamboni3128d ago

I hope for your sake that you are trolling without ever playing this game. If you did play it and still think that then I feel sorry for you. After playing this game I felt bad for only playing shooters and platformers before.

suckerpunch3128d ago

you can almost certainly say's personal preferrence know.......

mine is also ps2.

majdees3127d ago

Bring on Shadow of the Colossus 2, NOW!

Zezo3127d ago

and shadow of the colossus is the best game of all-time. Basically a fuckin fact.

tacosRcool3127d ago

I still think MGS3 is the best PS2 game

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Asuka3128d ago

sotc, pretty good pick for #1 imo


And that game is coming for PS3, remastered in HD =D.

cmrbe3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

it should have went like this.

1. ICO

and then MGS3 at Zero.

cmrbe3128d ago

I really want to know and discuss why people think SOTC is better than ICO and MGS3.

bananlol3128d ago

Well id place them SoTC, MGS3 and then ico. But thats just me. Still those are probably the top of my greatest games ever list so id say you have a excellent taste in games:D

cmrbe3128d ago

Perhaps because i know the history of MGS and why i put it over SCTOC and ICO. I mean the whole story with how The Big Boss became the big boss that we knew, how he lost an eye, the end boss battle (best MGS boss fight ever), The end of The Boss boss fight, the whole gut wrenching ending with The Boss ultimate sacrafice for her country when everyone thinks she is the ultimate traitor and of course the single tear drop from the greatest solider ever with the single salute in the end. It really just put everything into perspective and put MGS3 above all else for me.

ICO and SOTC are also one of the kind games. While Kojima use high production value custscene/narrative and action to convey emotion. Ueda uses basic game mechanics and the whole game world to evoke emotion.

What i find funny though is that most people that didn't play both ICO and SOTC think that when people talk about emotion in Ueda games they think soppy love story affairs which is not.

The simple action of holding a fragile girls hands and guiding her to safety to me makes me more attached to a game character than 100 lines of i love you in between them. The fact that Wander would go to the end's of the world and fight creatures the size of mountains by himself and argo to bring his girl back to life dosn't need any explaining or cutscenes or words about the emotion and courage involved. In fact there were never any words i can remember. Pure genius. Exploring a mystical unknown world bring about a sense of awe(emotion). Finding a clossie to bring down bring out a sense of OMFG!! lol

Overall though. From a gameplay and story perspective. I still rate MGS3 above ICO and SOTC. From an artistic perspective. SOTC and ICO no doubt.

DigitalAnalog3128d ago (Edited 3128d ago )

We can generally say it's all about being subjective. But then that would easily make me say Pong is better than MGS3. But looking at this subject deeply, (and I'm speaking in general here). SoTC and ICO broke too many gaming rules and yet they've miraculously secured a placeholder in the gaming world.

As evident these games are not mainstream nor did they managed to sell beyond 1 million copies, they won no GOTY awards and their scores do not match up to titles like ME2 nor Uncharted 2. Despite of all that, their impact has put in such high regard even as far as people calling them "masterpieces" (usually unanimous). No OTHER games would've gone though those moments. NONE. They are the true "unsung" heroes of this gaming generation: Underrated, almost relatively unknown yet their names are strong enough to cause a "ripple" in this gaming generation.

AND THAT is why this game bests out MGS. It is not an established franchise yet they are also the most powerful "niche" titles created this generation and there can be no better justice in this world than to re-experience this game in HD.

-End statement

visualb3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

I played all 3, loved the three, but SoTC just takes the cake for being so...majestic.

its simple, almost "bare", but it still somehow makes you feel part of the world.

there are 16 enemies....16, and in total about 5 characters (if you include Agro)

and still, the game manages to take about 7-8 hours to complete, with an amazing story twist at the end, and a link to Ico

a game designed so simply yet become so memorable and invoking deserves 1st spot

Ico is also amazing, but its far more complex, and MGS3 is also amazing, but UBER complex.

what makes SoTC is that its so simple, yet as an amazing experience as those other 2 games.

those are my 2 cents =)

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jammy_703128d ago

san andreas was BIG great gameplay and music! MGS3 2nd =D

4pocalyps33128d ago

I prefer SotC as m personal favourite but agree with you that San Andreas is one hell of a game. I just started playing it again on steam and goddamn its hard to do the flying school with keyboard and mouse >_<