IGN: The Sims 3 Review

It’s amazing that The Sims 3 works so well with a controller and that many of the PC functions are still intact. So if you’re curious about the Sims and don’t own a computer, you should try out the console version. The instant gratification of the Karma powers plus the addictive formula of The Sims 3 is a winning combination, but the game isn’t perfect. With some minor performance problems and the limited world, this title lacks some replayability right out of the gate. However, if it’s a title EA supports with downloadable content like they do with the PC version, Sims 3 could have a promising future. The PC title is still superior, but if you can’t see that version in your future, the console port is worth your time.

Presentation - 8.5
Graphics - 8.0
Sound - 8.0
Gameplay - 8.0
Lasting Appeal - 7.0
Overall -

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T9X693125d ago

I bought this for my GF but I've played it myself for quite a few hours, and I must say it's a very good port. While the PC is still the superior version, if you don't have a PC that can play The Sims 3 and dying for some Sims action, this is a must buy. The load times can be a little long and frequent, but if you happen to get the 360 version you have an advantage over getting the PS3 version since you can install the game and it dramatically reduces the load times. The new features are pretty nice as well, plus they actually included cheats simliar to the PC version, so if you want to be rich and just build stuff and use the karma powers over and over you can do that :)

80083125d ago

Cheats! Sweet.

FYI the PS3 also has an install, but it's arbitrary.

T9X693125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

I know, but from what I gathered in reviews it seems like the loading times with the PS3's mandatory install is the same as 360 without installing it, at least that's what reviewers where saying. I installed the game on my 360 and the load times are so much faster. The cheats are awesome, just in case you don't know you just hold "R1, L1, R2, L2 or RB, LB, LT, RT" while the game is paused. It's nice to because it warns you it will disable achievements/tropies and give you the option to copy your save so you can go back to the one without cheats and still earn them.

@Den_UK - WTF are YOU talking about? Have you even played the console version? The Sims 2 on PS2 was down right a disgrace to The Sims, it was fucking horrible. The only good Sims games where Bustin Out and the first one, the rest sucked balls. I've played the PC version for countless hours and the console version is damn near identical with a few small changes, such as every time you click an object it pauses the game. The limitations in this game are no where NEAR The Sims 2 on consoles. You're delusional as hell.

EDIT2: Actually I just checked your GT and PSN and you haven't even played the game, you're an idiot.

Denethor_II3125d ago

What are you talking about? The console version is awful. It has the same limitations as the The Sims 2. Get the PC version, if you're five years behind and still can't run a game like this, don't but it.

lucifon3125d ago

Limitations being? It's pretty much identical to the base PC version...

Persistantthug3125d ago

Just a guess, but a likely one.

mushroomwig3125d ago

Limitations? The Sims 3 features MORE content than it's PC counterpart.

Denethor_II3124d ago

This pretty much sums up why the console version frys my bacon. I would love for it to be like the PC version, but it has to many cut backs for me to buy it.

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lucifon3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

Just sat playing it now, I have the PC version but just wanted it on the console so I could sit back in bed and chillout playing it on the big TV as opposed to sat in my chair with a monitor. So far so good, impressed by the exchange system. Installed the game on my 360 and load times dont seem out the ordinary whatsoever.

I really hope they continue to support it with DLC packs, and significant ones at that as opposed to just clothes/furniture packs. Would love to see the expansions hit especially. Surprised there hasn't been more marketing around this, seems with all the casual focused motion controls this holiday season you'd see a push for very popular casual friendly series hitting the consoles.

user8586213125d ago

does it have the stuff from the expansions?

lucifon3125d ago

Sadly I don't believe so, but i'm not too sure. Maybe some elements are in there, but I havn't played any of the PC Expansions so I wouldn't know for sure. If EA support the game with DLC expansions and chuck in a few achievement points/trophies that would be an absolutely awesome move. Generally EA as of recent support their titles pretty well, I hope this is no different.

darkziosj3125d ago

it's a good game been playing it for a while

GoldPS33125d ago

I never played a Sims game and I never will.