Hey Bungie 'Halo: Reach’s' Forge is BROKEN

SarcasticGamer: Imagine this.

You love building stuff… When you were little the only thing that kept you from adding a wing onto your house was the blatant shortage of Legos to do the job. You used to get so carried away building diorama’s for history class that the teacher specifically forbade you from anything that required electricity or “load in” time. You were once reprimanded by a lifeguard for beach vandalism, because they didn’t appreciate how you realized that water plus crushed shells plus sand equals fantastic cement castles.

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-Alpha3131d ago

Don't do Forge a lot but I can't stand the blandness of seeing the same metallic skin over and over again.

On top of that weather effects or different settings would have been nice.

RedDead3131d ago

Would have liked if they gave a proper night mode instead of purple aswell.

Skadoosh3130d ago

Would of been nice if they could add different textures and colors. Something to think about for Forge 3.0. That's all it needs to make Forge world perfect.

GameOn3130d ago

they need copy/paste and snap into place functions sorely imho.

MisterNiwa3130d ago

Or rather a plain map that you can sculp as you please.. But well I guess I am expecting too much with that. ._.

awiseman3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

naaahhhhhh it cant be. They are only dissing one of the only fps out there with a fully featured map editor. They are NOT mad that their precious killzone 3 wont have one and they most certainly are not looking for simple mundane things to bring down the monster of creativity. They would no Little Bigplanet anyone?

PaPa-Slam3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

Stop it, just stop it..... always point out whats BAD even if it's in something you dearly love.

Stop being a pathetic Fanboy as well, you don't how good Killzone 3 is gonna be, you are judging it before even playing it & nothing is more stupid than that.

Killzone 3 is looking one of the best FPS that we'll play next year.

maxcer3130d ago

"Killzone 3 is looking one of the best FPS that we'll play next year."

sweet, are they fixing KZ2's shitty controls?

DigitalAnalog3130d ago

"Look at the website name".

-End statement

despair3130d ago


read the F#$%ing article troll you're bashing a guy for pointing out an issue with a game he absolutely loves and a feature that he thoroughly enjoys by saying its a PS3 fanboy article.

Damn I know trolls and morons are part of N4G but sometimes they just show stupidity and can't even read a F%&#ing article before trolling on it. Stupid asshole...probably would've gotten banned for this had to censor myself there.

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Garrus_Vakarian3130d ago

in my honest to god opinion the only good things about this game are the Forge and Firefight modes. The story was dumbed down beyond belief(unnecessary retcons FTW!) and the multiplayer is crap(AA's/bloom, bad maps, and the dumb voting system - same gametypes over and over no diversity). If it weren't for Firefight and Forge this game would have been traded-in immediately.

Seriously though, it's not like I want to dis-like this game. Like I said, I'm a BIG Halo fan(not fanboy).

So glad 343i is taking over, though there's still a big chance they'll ruin it, but we'll see.

Skadoosh3130d ago

To each its own. I love the multiplayer. Love the reticule bloom. Love the maps. Spire is freaking awesome. Gametypes are not the same. Yeah you have games like Slayer, Flag, etc... but now you have Invasion, Headhunter, and Stockpile. Reach's multiplayer is the best fun I had online this gen.

PtRoLLFacE3130d ago

so what the big deal is just another fanboy crying!

BX813130d ago

Forge is broke because I got banned for nothing I guess???? Truth is I really don't know why. I'm not savvy enough to mod so I'm left without a clue!

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