The history of the Capcom/Valve zombie achievement war

Raptr analyzes one of the most interesting exchanges of gaming achievements between Capcom's Dead Rising series and Valve's Left 4 Dead. Both games require gamers to kill well over 53,000 zombies to earn a coveted achievement that only 2-4% have gotten. However after checking all the numbers on Raptr, another gaming franchise has entered into the mass zombie-killing achievement discussion as well.

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Killman3130d ago

I think Left 4 Dead and Prototype had the right idea for these. Getting 53,000+ in ONE playthrough on Dead Rising is hell, far too much spamming. They made the same mistake with DR2. I think that there should have been an overall kill counter on the status screen. I really think it is just idiotic to make us spam nonstop just to get 72,000 kills.

Bnet3433129d ago

I regret having to sit for an hour running over zombies in the tunnels in Dead Rising 1. What a loser I was for that achievement.

soundslike3129d ago

achievements aren't ACHIEVEMENTS if any random gamer can get them

something accomplished, esp. by superior ability

bastiartadi3129d ago

Noun: Achievement
1. The action of accomplishing something

Killing 50,000+ zombies is more of a chore than an achievement.

Baka-akaB3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

your definition doesnt change a thing . It's not an accomplishement if everybody can do it without effort .

Personally i dont care , i wouldnt bother getting platinum for most games

Killman3129d ago

Well, not every achievement has to be skill based. I just think that it would have increased the fun value, due to the kills just constantly racking up. I still would not have it yet, but at least I would know that I am making progress.

almehdaaol3130d ago

Still a long long long achievement. I wonder how long on average it would take for someone to achieve the feat when they start.

electricshadow3129d ago

I played L4D SO much when it came out and I got the achievement for killing 53,000 zombies like a month and a half after the game came out. It was easy, Dead Rising's isn't though.

TroyAndAbed3129d ago

I love L4D and Dead Rising.


I honestly don't see how the reviewers got through that mess.

poison_shadow3125d ago

Haha, I love the Zombie Genocider achievements from Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2. They're a grind, sure, but I'm proud of my DR1 genocider.