VideoGamer: Killzone 3 Hands-On

The first thing you'll notice is that the controls, which Guerrilla insisted weren't broken, have been fixed. Input delay has been radically reduced, and the overall feel of movement has been attuned to make everything comparable to its contemporaries.

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offdawall3127d ago

I want lighter controls but I don't want to feel like I'm playing mw2 or medal of honar.... I want this to feel like KiLLzone

gtsentry3127d ago

so get killzone 3 in february

49erguy3127d ago

LOL. But yeah, I want more accurate weapons. The 2 assault rifles in KZ2 felt less accurate than their real life counterparts. I know they'll have more guns so they will fix that issue.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3127d ago

I hate when reviews who've barely played the game to start with decided to write up mulit page preview on on a beta and expect to be taken seriously.

raztad3127d ago

Boring preview.

KZ3 beta already got a patch adding more recoil and bullet spread. Game plays faster and the controls are more responsive but it feels like a KZ game. You wont be disappointed.

clintos593127d ago

Unlike call of duty, u can throw a knife at a guys toe & he would die lol.

Anorexorcist3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

"The first thing you'll notice is that the controls, which Guerrilla insisted weren't broken..."

...and they indeed were not. GG has evidently decided to just go ahead and appease all the gamers who nagged about it not feeling like every other shooter. It will be criticized by all the critics as some sign of weakness, but in reality GG most likely just wanted to repel the haters and make it more "accessible", whatever the hell that means now.

JohnnyHalo3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

great! last thing we need is another First person shooter. Besides I dont think this game will stack up against COD Black ops.

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