IGN: Nintendo Shows Improved 3DS Shop Interface

The digital shopping experience on the DSi is notoriously slow and clunky, with lengthy waits accompanying most screen transitions. Nintendo is going to be making some fixes for the 3DS version of the shop.

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silkrevolver3129d ago

I hope this means the online gameplay interface will be improved too... I mean... It can’t get much worse than friend codes...

Imperator3129d ago

I HATE friend codes. I really don't understand wtf Nintendo was thinking when they implemented that.

bananlol3129d ago

Those who argue about thr differiences of psn/xbl should try to get online with the wii, really puts things into perspective.

Seferoth753129d ago

You click play online and go play online... Yeah some real big hassle

silkrevolver3129d ago you like playing with your friends? Talking with them while you play? Actually enjoying your online experience?... then you clearly don’t play online with the Wii. Congrats.

moogle843129d ago

Well I've heard the 3DS is having a lot of shopping options this time around. Anyone else hear about Nintendo's move to using the telephone to buy Nintendo stuff? LOL. Of course, only in Japan.

Moac3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

I Predict, the PSP2 will have much better online support and it will have downloadable full games, I hope the PSP2 lets you play "some" games against the Ps3. =) your friend can grab the psp2 while you take the ps3 and BOOM 2 people online.

If Nintendo want´s to compete with PSP2"heck even the PSP in the Online division, they need to DUMP those darn friend codes. why not have a user System, Type in user name, click friend request , then the person is added.

perhaps have great parental control so Kiddies don't share to much with strangers..:(

I love nintendo´s new "auto connect" feature, the system can search other near by system and share info.. Thats great. ;)
Come on Nintendo, make it happen!