Dead Nation: Weapon Upgrades Trailer, Armor Upgrades, and a PS3 Theme

PSBlog: In Dead Nation’s action-packed levels, it’s crucial to collect as much cash as possible from the undead hordes and trunks of vehicles. Once you find a Weapon Shop, you’ll be able to cash in your loot and purchase more ammo and, most importantly, weapon upgrades. Increasing the power and firing rate for your default Rifle can be the difference between life and (un)death, especially since it’s your designated fallback weapon and the only gun with unlimited ammo. The SMG and Shotgun also benefit enormously from power and firing rate, helping you annihilate dozens of ghouls at a time. You can also upgrade ammo carrying capacity and clip size for most weapons, while power weapons such as the Blade Cannon feature special weapon-specific upgrades.

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MajestieBeast3128d ago

Release it already its killing me not to be playing this.

guitarded773128d ago

Yeah, I don't think I've been this pumped for a PSN title since Fat Princess.

Apocalypse Shadow3128d ago

tired of seeing this game and no release yet for me to buy it.would have been a great Halloween release.

Redrum0593128d ago

this game couldnt come any sooner.
cant wait to blast zombie brains online with my friends

doing so right now with friends on RDR

Obama3128d ago

My only complain is that it is not due soon enough. The release date is somewhere in Dec I believe?

Ravage273128d ago


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