Lights Out for The Fight (VideoGamer Review)

"Half an hour into Sony's The Fight: Light's Out, and I'm sprawled on the office sofa, mopping sweat from my forehead and inhaling as much Ventolin as my lungs will allow. Whilst it's embarrassing to admit, this is probably the most exercise I've done all year.

"You might think you're built like a brick shithouse, but your first scrap with one of these bad boys will quickly put you in your place. Even though the unresponsive controls can be blamed to an extent, it's often the case that you're simply not strong enough to win.

"The game isn't just a let down in execution, however, as structurally The Fight is tragically uninspired. Cards laid out in a pyramid act as each 'level' of the game. Choosing a location – The Chapel or the inviting Murder Alley, for example – will take you to a screen with another bunch of cards laid out in the shape of another pyramid."

- By Jamin Smith

+ Danny Trejo is awesome
+ Great work out
- Gets dull very quickly
- Hard to connect with an opponent

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NeoBasch3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

Honestly, I have to say I'm quite surprised by this one. At first, the game was universally panned. Critics were pleased with both the art and concept, but felt the gameplay was lacking. Months later, the developers gave it another shot, inviting the press to test out a recent build of the game in which journalists were eager to praise the controls. Some even went out of their way to establish how fun the game was, and some even got to demo the game along side Danny Trejo. Positive impressions, right? Now this.

I have to admit, I'm slightly disappointed. If what they say here is true, I was expecting more. I'm glad it's as exhaustive as it promised to be, but, at the same time, I was hoping for a narrative much like Fight Club. Obviously, that's not the case. Maybe my expectations were to high, but I thought they were trying to cater to more than just gaming and casual purists. I was hoping for a hint of intellectualism. Maybe someday, someone will get it right. Until then, this game looks to fill the void of what games like Wii Sports truly lacked: true fitness.

EDIT: Also, I've never heard of this site, but here's another review for those interested

GuruStarr783129d ago

Agreed........I'm still going to rent it at least, and wait for some more reviews.......Hopefully, if it's as bad as they say, Fighters Uncaged for Kinect has something better to offer....hopefully.

Thanks for the Link too.

NeoBasch3129d ago

No problem. Never heard of Fighters Uncaged, but I'll definitely take a look now. I'm optimistically excited for both motion and 3D games, I'm just waiting for something to capture my imagination. I might just stick with the patch for Heavy Rain for now. : \

shoddy3128d ago

I'll rent.

It's a cool concept, you do the move.
I'll do some Kung Fu.

blackburn53129d ago

Thought this game was delayed until Nov 9th? How is it people have review copies of the final game? Besides, After someone gave a 1/10 for Eyepet and IGN gave Tumble a 3.5 I still remain skeptical especially since Sony has seemed to have given any major sites the Fight for review and these lesser known site seem to have it. Strange

blackburn53128d ago

Exaggeration. The game never looked bad. It was unfinished just like any other beta game. Still not sure how people are reviewing it a whole week early especially with the delay. Why would Sony still give a copy if it still needs fine tuning?

evrfighter3128d ago

you never saw the demos?

the controls looked unresponsive and horrible as all heck.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3128d ago

from the gameplay I've seen It's most definately a buy. I can see how some people might get bored with it but I'm sure this is a game I would never get tired of.

JoeReno3128d ago

Check out the artical "sony comes out fighting" on the That site knows how to review a game, and though the artical is just a preview it sounds much more positive than this. The sixth axis is one of the only review sites I trust. I look forward to the offical review coming soon.

And no I don't work for them, I don't even have an account for comments, just a long time lurker on that site.

Bigpappy3128d ago

Well you should have a look at this one.

But I have no idea if it is another site biased against PS3.

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