9 game worlds you'll never want to leave

We can't put our finger on a formula, but sometimes those talented developers manage to create a world that's so vast, nuanced and organic that it almost lives.

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gillri4711d ago

Mass Effect's world? jeez how much design has gone into that world


villevalorox4710d ago

Daemons souls, gta vc, masseffect, oblivion, sotc, World of mgs an d splinter cell, and I know im missing some

Matthew944710d ago

oblivion is trees cut and pasted

tacosRcool4710d ago (Edited 4710d ago )

Every other great games with awesome worlds like the Mushroom Kingdom where eating shrooms gives you super powers

HolyOrangeCows4710d ago

"Mirror's Edge"

Yeah....too bad you're out of it in 2-3 hours.

Darkstorn4710d ago

Red Dead Redemption, too.

Bobbykotickrulesz4710d ago

Rapture? lol.

The moment I walked into that place I couldn't wait to get the hell out of there. Creepy bastards.

WildArmed4710d ago (Edited 4710d ago )

To me,
it's a tie (for no. 1) between Dragon Age (Imo, the most beautifully and well-thought out crafted world there is) and RDR (mainly coz I loved the character in the game and played it well after the story was over.. soo much to do.. soo much to explore.. though the interacts pale in comparison when compared to DA:O)..

And for all those who know me outside of n4g,
I'm sure you know about my long struggle to leave the world of WHITE KNIGHT CHRONICLES lol >.<
Luckily I'm @ college from 7am-9pm, so I am not on it everyday now :D

One world I'd dare not enter:
Dead Space.

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TheLastGuardian4709d ago

I totally agree with Red Dead Redemption, Rapture and San Andreas.

Kalowest4711d ago

I would hate to be in the BioShock world, d@mn Splicers.

Mamajuana4711d ago

I wouldn't want to leave the world of GTA. Cause mayhem, get laid, do drugs, shoot all kinds of guns, run from the law, ride around listening to music, you die and come back to

ico924710d ago

Money, fast cars, a drug empire, easy women, being able to do what the hell you want. That has to be every guys dream.

Quagmire4711d ago

How I would love to be an assassin...