DTG: Review- Fallout New Vegas

Dedicated To Gamers step into the follow-up to Bethesda's Fallout 3 and the Mojave Desert, finding much to love about the additions that Obsidian have included.

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Hellsvacancy3125d ago (Edited 3125d ago )

Im lovin Fallout Vegas, playin it on Hardcore (coz im a hardcore mofo) yes it does feel like the same game as Fallout 3 but thats no big deal 2 me i like it all the same

I would say "if it aint broke dont fix it" but from what people r sayin its a rather buggy game, i myself havnt had ANY glitchs yet (PS3 version) ive got as far as helpin sum ghouls kill the NightSkins in the basement, i met sum other ghoul who wanted me to find sum women ghoul (she was deaded) and now ive got 2 help find sum spare parts 4 this rocket ship, and thats as far as ive got, so far so GOOD

TheFreak3125d ago

did that quest yesterday. I have neither experienced any bugs so far 30 hours into the game. (360 version)