PSP2 to be Released Before the 3DS?

An interview from a couple of weeks ago, coupled with recent speculation, has made TheGamingReview wonder if Sony are keeping a big secret...

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Cloudberry2912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

I don't mind it if it's true, though.

360RRODFIX2912d ago

No way! Any gaming gadget need a bit of hype around it, to build it up. That is why they usually get shown, 6 month to 1 year prior to release, so no freaking way. But it won't be too far behind

Game-ur2912d ago

I don’t think so, and Sega tried this trick with the Dreamcast and it back fired.

darthv722912d ago

Nintendo makes their big announcement of a new 3DS and people wait to hear from Sony....nothing.

Now we get snippets of info about a PSP2 and the possible release before the 3DS. Talk about rushing the market. If true then I would hope it doesnt offer consumers technical issues because of that quick sale.

We all know what happend last time something was rushed to market...

thehitman2912d ago

Sony dont rush the market. This is the same Sony that delayed the ps3 just for blu-ray and to make sure things were as good as they can. PSP2 been in develeopment for years probably now just because we are officially just getting wind of it doesn't mean it has had any less of a development time.

Theonik2912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

It was actually the Saturn not the Dreamcast. They basically went out and said. "The Saturn is out in stores right now BUY IT!" trying to release before the Playstation. Basically sent it out to die at 399$

kneon2911d ago

Showing that early is a good way to kill sales of the current gen.


From what we've been hearing it's actually late, not early, and all because the Nvidia chips are running too hot and hungry. If they fix that then it may be out much earlier than people expect.

FragGen2911d ago

Agreed. Doing a "stealth release" of a new technology product with such a huge R&D cost and no pre-release hype would be utterly moronic. Blogs are so stupid.

Hideo_Kojima2911d ago

yeah some people need time to save up money... ask for a delayed present if they are still children...

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ryuzu2912d ago

Nah - especially not with Sony who aren't the fastest at getting things out the door.

Earliest will be next Christmas, but I'd anticipate 2012 before it is available in reasonable numbers - it'll take that long to get the games ready.

On that point though, I think Sony should look to achieve 100% backwards compatibility. That was a big stumbling point for PS3 out the blocks - that will at least give people a library of (old) games to play on their new toy.


PoisonedMonkey2912d ago

Good point on BC, I think that's a fairly crucial thing to include...

smashman982912d ago

dont get me wrong i hear what ur saying and trust me i would love bc but the consumer market in has proven to sony that the average consumer cares more about price than things of that nature. Remember the slim came out with no b/c at all but no one cared in the end it was all about the massive price drop still though plus bubbles and while i do dissagre i promise i wont click on that disagree button

JayD-1K2912d ago

not that many people bought it! After they started taking it out then, it became a problem for the "late" buyers. I have full BC on my PS3 but then again, I got it when it launched!

kneon2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

They will most likely drop UMD, if that's the case then BC is mostly only of interest to developers, as long as there are enough games available at launch.

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avengers19782911d ago

I believe that the PSP2 is still in development and the final design hasn't even been decided yet; so I doubt that it will be out before 3DS... unless of course the 3DS is further out then we have been lead to believe.

TheLeprachaun2912d ago

I seriously doubt the PSP2 will be released before February.

avengers19782911d ago

I doubt that the 3DS will be out by Feb. I'd lay money on May.

JosiahB2911d ago

Actually it is coming out in Japan in February (26th), and in NA in March. Nintendo announced that about a month ago...

avengers19782911d ago

and nothing ever gets pushed back from it's orginal release date. That just doesn't happen.

jay22912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

Nah, way too short a time period it's November (more or less, and 3DS is coming out in Feb-March). May Sony want games to blow us away, thats why Devs have already had them for so long.

Cloudberry2912d ago

The early months of 2011 already packed for PS3 games; exclusives & multi-platforms.

BigDan802912d ago

Wouldn't it be clever tho to ride on a successful PS3 wave when releasing the PSP2? It does seem unlikely.

Motorola2912d ago

please dont rush it sony

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