GT5 Creation Details

TSA Writes:
According to our go-to site for new details concerning Gran Turismo 5, there are some new details emerging about creation modes in the game.

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DontShoot-Me-Bro3131d ago


anyway, didnt Sony say that they will give us a new release date by the end of october.

Todays the 29th, on monday would be november 1st. so they will have to give us a release date by sunday right? or is there some news i've missed?

Cloudberry3131d ago

However, according to Playstation Blog, there would be a Gran Turismo 5 event on November 3rd.

"8th Annual Gran Turismo Awards at SEMA in Las Vegas on November 3rd"

Either at the end of October month or in that event, the official (?) release date would be announced.


By the way, on topic:

Is this "Creation" = Course Maker?

Jaybad543131d ago

Sony press conference underway as we speak at paris games week. cross your fingers!

soundslike3131d ago

"How a turn is taken" is probably the ability to set the driving assist dotted line to make sure you don't wind up in a wall.

juniordee3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

It said "how *often* a turn is taken".

soundslike3131d ago

my bad, then it might be an option to have a morphing on the tenth lap a lane closes and you have to take a wider turn

RedDead3131d ago

I think it means you can adjust the amount of laps... :/

phntom3131d ago

Seriously, the way the hype about the game goes, there will be only two choices: It will be a fucking EPIC game or it will be the DISASTER of the year.

Freak of Nature3131d ago

Cannot wait for this gem much longer,the wait is almost torture...

How about setting up a demolition derby track or two?

Anyways,it's been day 1 for me for a long time now...


Its delayed!!!! Gt5 is always delayed it's a real corny situation for there fans .polyphony is disqualified from any game of the year rewards due to excessive delays...

hiredhelp3131d ago


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