10 Things You May Not Have Known About Black Ops

With the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops less than two weeks away, here are some of the top new innovations and changes you may not have noticed about the wildly popular shooter franchise.

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kdogdaddy3126d ago

The Upgraded Iron Sights is most notably something that I'm glad to see more info on!

Cincinnati3125d ago

yeah I usually use Iron sights Im happy about this

Losi3126d ago

I'd say that the inclusion of flamethrowers is one of the things I'm looking forward to most.

AllroundGamer3125d ago

there are so many BO articles, that we already know everything before the game even comes out :D

JeffGUNZ3125d ago

It's good that Treyarch is open to informing us. I think they realized they have something to prove since MW2 was such a let down to most people. I think they revealed a lot of the multiplayer to assure COD fans that the series is heading back to the COD4 roots, which is something I am pumped for. From what I have seen, this game MAY pass COD4 as the best COD to date.

Only a week and a half till we know!

BulletToothtony3125d ago

i think that it would've surpassed it, if it went back to 3, 5, and 7 killstreaks only like in cod4.. all this bullcrap killstreaks is what makes it very annoying...

even if they don't count towards your next killstreak on this one..

not hating on black ops.. i'm buying it and excited but that's what i see wrong with the new cods

JeffGUNZ3125d ago

I do see where your coming from, but I do like the variety in killstreaks. As long as they are balanced and work, then it should be fine. I like in this game, you have to select where your chopper hovers, instead of a pavelow picking people off from across the map. MW2 killstreaks were too overpowered and ruined the game. I mean you could be dominating a team, but have one opponent camping and get a harrier, then chopper gunner, then a nuke and game over. It was terribly implemented.

Ven10003124d ago

They've already confirmed Classic Team Deathmatch mode with standardized killstreaks of 3, 5, and 7. So I don't see what the problem is.

kdogdaddy3125d ago

@AllAroundGamer, I'll have to admit, As an avid Call of Duty fan, the upcoming Black Ops release is definitely one in which we as the community have had the most info regarding just about everything involved before game launch.

InfinityWard went for a super secretive approach to multiplayer footage while Treyarch went instead for the avenue of continuing their support to the community and keeping them involved several steps along the way. Let's hope its for the better!

JeffGUNZ3125d ago

Exactly, nicely said. I truely think that this game is going to be the best COD to date.

scar203125d ago

i'm gonna see if using the flamethrower is a cheap way of playing i get my copy in a few hours:).

AllroundGamer3125d ago

i hate you (envy look)... but i like your ass :p

kdogdaddy3125d ago

Ditto to both statements ;)

Losi3125d ago

That was my main concern...interested to see not only how easily accessible, but also how over powered the flamethrower is in Black Ops. Im thinking something along the lines of the range of a shotgun...hopefully nothing even close to something like the FAL shotty in MW2.

vickers5003125d ago

From what I played of it in multiplayer in world at war, the flamethrower was very weak. Almost always, whenever going head to head against somebody with bullets, the person with the gun won. I think it will be pretty underpowered if it's anything like WaW, so that's a good thing.

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