Kinect Cameras Ship 14 Million Units

Taiwan-based optical lens maker Newmax Technology has become the only supplier of camera modules used in Microsoft Kinect sensors and will ship as many as 14 million units of these modules in 2010, according to industry sources.

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Seijoru4595d ago

MS must really think they are going to sell 10 million Q1

xYLeinen4595d ago

If they do I will be the first one to admit that common sense is no longer common sense..

crazyclown4595d ago

if so, ill buy one myself, and let someone bash it on my head

ct034595d ago

Why can't you just accept the fact that everyone's taste is different?

There is a demographic that loves these types of games. Just because they're not up YOUR alley doesn't mean you need to talk trash about the people who enjoy this stuff.

Archdemon4595d ago

Spending 140$ + buying an xbox360 just to play games which consists of no story at all, no difficulty what so ever and maybe 15 minutes of fun which kinect will offer. Is not common sense.

darthv724595d ago

that's why gaming is the greatest medium of entertainment. You can do your own thing without the feeling you must conform to everyone else.

Common sense has nothing to to with someone who WANTS to purchase something. That is by choice.

Common sense is opening a door before walking through it.

shoddy4595d ago

They don't even have left over for reviewers.

Roozium4595d ago


"just to play games which consists of no story at all, no difficulty what so ever and maybe 15 minutes of fun which kinect will offer. Is not common sense."

Sounds like Little Big Planet.

SkyCrawler4595d ago (Edited 4595d ago )

LBP actually does have a story

The player starts out at The Gardens level, where the player's Sackperson meets the King, one of the Creators, the Queen, Little Xim and Big Xam, in charge of the Mini Levels; and their servant Dumpty. The player heads for the Savannah, where the next ruler, Zola, resides. When the player accidentally breaks one of Zola's statues, the player is asked to investigate what's scaring his buffalo; in return for his forgiveness. The culprits turn out to be fire and crocodiles, and the player has to clear a crocodile's name accused of eating Meerkat Mum's son, Stripy Tail. The player finds out that Stripy Tail is actually at a club with some female meerkats, underground where the meerkats live. After the player returns Stripy Tail to Meerkat Mum, the player does a favour for one of Zola's servants and goes to The Wedding (a story arc with a Day of the Dead theme), where his friend, Frida, is about to wed with her bridegroom, Don Lu. However he's gone missing; therefore the wedding is at stake. Later, with the help of his dog, the player finds him in a dark cave. Don Lu explains to the player that he got lost, and got tired that he couldn't find his way out. Getting him back to the wedding, Frida thinks he jilted her at the altar, gets her Skulldozer, and starts to bulldoze everything in sight. However, when she sees her bridegroom waiting for her, she realises it was just a silly misunderstanding, forgets everything, and they wed.

Don Lu takes the player to the Canyons, where Frida and Don Lu have their honeymoon and the player meets Uncle Jalapeño. The player frees Uncle Jalapeño, who was put in prison unfairly by the evil Sheriff Zapata. Uncle Jalapeño throughout the Canyons levels teaches the player about explosives. After the player chases Sheriff Zapata into a temple and defeats him, Uncle Jalapeño takes a vacation into the Metropolis, taking the player with him, where they meet Uncle Jalapeño's friend, Mags the Mechanic. She trades the player for a new car for Uncle Jalapeño,then the player can edit the car to their liking. The player next races Mags's nemesis, Ze Dude, who stole her car, and after the race drives it into the sewer. The player then goes into the sewer and retrieves her car, then stops Ze Dude and his bouncers, who were wrecking Mags's construction site. Ze Dude, defeated, praises the player as a worthy foe, and lets the player take his private jet to the Islands to train with Grandmaster Sensei, his martial arts teacher. Grandmaster Sensei trains the player to defeat the evil Sumo, who took over Grandmaster Sensei's castle and her talking flame-throwing cat; and the Terrible Oni, with the help of her cat.

From there the player goes to the Temples, to get their very own talking flame-throwing cat, the Great Magician's latest creation, who is the master of emitters. After speaking to The Goddess at the end of the Dancer's Court she guides the player to The Magician himself. After the player overcomes his toughest obstacles, he asks to defeat the Collector, which would be the player's "greatest challenge". The player, with some help from the general and a bear whose family the Collector has kidnapped, infiltrates the Collector's bunker, gets past his army, and frees the characters the player met throughout the game who had been kidnapped by the Collector and locked up. As everyone escapes, they thank the player, and wish him good luck as the player goes to confront the Collector. After the final battle with the Collector, the Collector is revealed to be a little, lonely man who only kidnapped everyone because he didn't have any friends, and hides in shame. However, everyone, including the player, offers to be his friend. He accepts, and everyone holds hands, beginning a new frienship. (Very simple but still)

No Way4594d ago (Edited 4594d ago )

Simple. Cause he has no common sense.
His moniker is "MS must fall!!!!!"
Anything MS most fail. Must suck.

If not.. Then everyone is stupid. Really.
Read his comment, people. That's what it says.
I'm not just pulling this from my booty crack.

Hideo_Kojima4594d ago

14,000,000 * $150 = $2.1 billion

If they manage to sell all of this quick they will make the money they've spent on it pretty quickly and their might be more casuals than we thought that are willing to buy this.

acky14594d ago

@Guntrol - they don't make 100% profit off of each kinect sold. Maybe $50 for each one sold (i don't know just a guess - maybe more or less).

14 000 000 * 50 = 700 million

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Nitrowolf24595d ago (Edited 4595d ago )

they only really shipping if you go base off this depending on how many cams it uses is
3 cam: 4.6 mill
2 cam: 7 million

its shipped of modules not whole unit

the title a bit confusing without reading the article itself

DJMarty4595d ago


Just like MS think 'Controller free gaming is new'

EyeToy says hi, done 7 year ago.

R gullable brainwashed sheep really gonna fall for this Kinect crap.

The tech is so limited without BUTTONS.

Armyntt4595d ago

Just because M$ wasnt the first to create the wheel it doesnt mean it cant improve upon it. Just like w/move. Sure the wii was first but the move is an improvement over the wiimotes.

cliffbo4595d ago


MS has not improved on the tech though have they after all the Kinect camera only does low res 320x240 16-bit depth @ 30 frames/sec hires 640x480 32-bit [email protected] 30 frames/sec and 16-bit audio @ 16 kHz

whereas Eyetoy does 320x240 @ 120 frames/sec hires 640x480 @ 60 frames/sec which camera is better i know which one i think is.

gamingdroid4595d ago (Edited 4595d ago )

... and yes, does PS EyeToy do depth sensing? Can it do full body skeleton motion tracking?

Does PS EyeToy have two cameras?

I would call that an improvement even if some ares it is in't.

TreMillz4595d ago

is PS Eye an overpriced ripoff?

turnerdc4595d ago

They've had camera games WAAAAAY before EyeToy. I still remember playing a game with an Intel camera on my PC many, many years ago. So in turn EyeToy itself is a ripoff.

gamingdroid4594d ago (Edited 4594d ago )

"is PS Eye an overpriced ripoff?

That is a subjective question that is different for everyone.

For PS Eye it is a high quality camera, and I own one for a long time. Bought it on clearance for $30 with some card game. It is still sealed in it's package.

To answer your question regarding Kinect (since you you are sarcastically responding to me):

Personally, I don't think so and I'm really looking forward to navigating my dash, using voice commands, try out some different games and use the video conference calling.

I don't recall the Eyetoy doing any of that nor do I see any competing system able to do full body motion tracking at the $150 price point!

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NeoBasch4595d ago

7 million worldwide... possible, but unlikely. What do you guys think? I know of no one who is picking this up. I haven't seen much in the way of ads besides YouTube and Oprah. Maybe that is their core demographic. If so, they might not be far off. I still think it unlikely, but, if the 4:00 evening mom's want what Oprah has, it could happen. I doubt it though. Thoughts anyone?

zeddy4595d ago (Edited 4595d ago )

if your an xbox fanboy you will probably buy this because you've nothing else to look foward to in terms of games because your dear company puts no effort into them.

King-Leonidas4595d ago

errr LPB does have a plot u know...

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PtRoLLFacE4595d ago

i wonder how many people would get the wrong idea lol, but anyway if it sells a least half of what is chipped in the first week, that ll be something impressive

N4PS3G4595d ago (Edited 4595d ago )

what? You expect an unreleased product to say SOLD? It Obviously MUST be Shipped.

Killed4Less4595d ago

You do know this article is talking about a parts manufacturer?

What else are they supposed to do??

The lights are on but nobody home?

billbox20104595d ago

"notice the keyword "shipped""

funny thing cuz sony reported shipped 2 millions of move.. :(

Regal_Light4594d ago

Except Move is sold out almost everywhere...Making the "shipped" number a good reference point in terms of sales..

JasonPC360PS3Wii4595d ago

Yeah it's shipped because it's not out yet, PS3 fanboys still pissed over Sony getting caught in a lie.

Regal_Light4594d ago

How do you still have 5 bubbles?

Makidian4594d ago

You are an idiot. All of the console makers reports shipped numbers because that's how they track internal sales data, NPD, Media Create, and Chart Track do sell through numbers. Do you want to know why they do this?


That's how their money is made, peripherals, accessories, etc, it's all the same. The groups that track sell-through do it so the same console makers and publishers know how much of their product is actually sitting in someones home. You clueless people that think you're so clever in saying Sony was caught in a lie need to head down to the store and see if they are in fact selling clues. Educate yourself and stop being a fanboy.

Nihilism4595d ago

lololol MS OWNS SONY, they've SOLD 14 million and it isn't even out yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


But seriously everytime I diss Kinect, 360 boyos get so upset they whip me up a few kindly worded PM's. It's good stuff.

Tito084595d ago

Because it has 2 cameras, it's 2 units sold for MS, lol!!!!!

DJMarty4595d ago

it also says 2010, which probably means the whole of 2010, last quarter.

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Raoh4595d ago

people read... its how many cameras have been shipped for the kinect modules..

there about what? 3 cameras in each kinect?

DontShoot-Me-Bro4595d ago

I think it has 2 cameras. and if so then its only 7 million kinects being shipped. if kinect has more then...even less kinects are being shipped?

Blacktric4595d ago

There are 2 lenses (one for recording the video and other is for measuring depth) and one microphone.

Seferoth754595d ago

Seriously 3? 466, 666.666666666... Yeah that totally seems like a legit number of units shipped.

Stop telling people to read and focus on the things you need to learn which is obviously basic math.

BrianG4595d ago

Sir, you need to learn basic math. 14 million divided by 3 is not 466,666. with a repeating 6 decimal.

It would be 4.6 million units. And yes, that would be a reasonable number of shipped units. But from what I see in other comments it would be 7 million units if there is only 2 cameras in each Kinect. Again, a very reasonable number to believe.

Raoh4595d ago

here is a pic of the inside of kinect

looks like 3 cameras..



1 lense for IR light
1 lense for depth image
1 lense for color

Mike134nl4595d ago (Edited 4595d ago )

2 camera's one is infrared one is normal (+one infrared transmitter) 14 million camera modules have been shipped. Since they are talking about modules it could be they are referring both cameras (if they produce both of the cameras) as the 14 million, or maybe one of the cameras or possible even both of the camera's.

Also take note that 14 million camera modules doesn't equal 14 million kinects. For as far as I know there isn't much information on the other parts required too bill kinect (audio processor etc)

Nitrowolf24595d ago (Edited 4595d ago )

So is this only 4.6 million actually whole Kinect unit then shipped?
14,000,000 divide by 3 since that is how many module been reported in each Kinect unit.

or is it 2 cams?
which is then 7million on the spot

Chicken Chaser4595d ago

"the motion sensor is made up of two parts: one IR VGA camera, and the projector."

It says 1 camera and 1 projector.

ct034595d ago

Of course it's just one camera. The depth recognition works based on an infrared projector.

This talk about two or three cameras is N4G-typical spin.

Nitrowolf24595d ago (Edited 4595d ago )

"RGB camera for facial recognition plus video capturing, a depth sensor (an infrared projector paired with a monochrome CMOS camera)for movement tracking,"

sounds like 2

and according to this (thxs Roah) it's three

which you can obviously see on Kinect it self

one's for color, IR light tracking, deph of image

disturbing_flame4595d ago

It's gonna be a massive win for MS.

But not for hardcore gamer, if people are happy with that i think it's a win/win, for others there are consoles and PC that have good exclusivities next year.

Kinect will rule, even in Japan ? I think that's the big challenge of MS, conquer this new market, and kinect can do it