First look at the 3DS shop

Nintendo has released a video showing the 3DS shop for the first time ever.

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boogeyman9993130d ago

Ummmmm the interface didn't look that great to me but maybe it's because I can't read Japanese. At least we know that it's gonna have demos.

-Mezzo-3130d ago

Agreed. but still it OK.

SWORDF1SH3130d ago

agreed on your agree. But it looks pretty decent for nintendo. Might get 3ds because the graphics look amazing on it. Gonna wait for PSP2 info first.

Blacktric3130d ago

It obviously works but I'd rather see something refined like Xbox Live Marketplace/PSN Store. I mean didn't they learned their lesson from DSi Shop?

Redempteur3130d ago

they want to keep it simple ..really simple.
So that now non-gamers can use it well

eagle213130d ago

I like how it showed the original box artwork for Super Mario Land kinda filling the top screen (I'm guessing on Virtual Handheld). I'm always giddy over little touches like that. :)

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N4OGs3130d ago

i want good menu and the ability to have my own free content such as movies, shows, digital comics and mangas to read etc. Everything on the 3ds store will be overpriced like the VC.

Neo Nugget3130d ago

Didn't the PS store have a pretty crappy interface at launch, too?

AWBrawler3130d ago

nitpicking. it never gets old LOL