Fallout 3.5 - New Vegas, Or Old?

Is Fallout: New Vegas a true sequel, or just more of the same? Are the accusations of 'Fallout 3.5' overly harsh, or dead on the money?

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jimbojones993130d ago

it's a bit of both through really. same game engine (when you're in the desert it's like playing 3), but pushed to do other things (when you get to vegas a completely different game!)

RedDragan3130d ago

It feels the same, looks the same, however it doesn't have the first time "Whoa!" factor that Fallout 3 did.

They should have built a new engine to try and give us that feeling again.

Brewski0073130d ago

I think its a testiment to Fallout 3's success that so many have gone and bought this game based on how similar it looks. Generally the game has received very positive review scores , even after the complaints of it being too similar, and too buggy. I think that says alot about the game.
@Raztad below:, Exaclty... thats the reason it wasnt called Fallout 4. I believe fallout 4 , if there is one, will be set after a different period of time has elapsed and in a different setting altogether. The mojave and capital wastelands both have alot of similarities, but its justified, considering their close proximity to one and other. Therefore I think it was a good idea not to have a new engine for this installment, but I welcome it for the next game.

soundslike3130d ago

I don't know about you, but Oblivion's engine was hyped up for sooo long (I remember seeing it in EGM(!) and not believing my eyes) I don't know if I could bear that wait again.

raztad3130d ago

There is a reason Fallout:NV was not named Fallout 4.

soundslike3130d ago

Numbering sequels is a bad habit anyway. Who wants to play a game called Silent Hill "EIGHT". The larger the number the less appetizing it sounds.

raztad3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

Sequels in long standing franchises always excite fans. FFXIII for instance. I think Bethesda is planing to use ID TECH-5 engine to power Fallout 4 up. It would look much better and run better.

New Vegas purpose is to milk Fallout 3 success w/o any additional investment in tech. Ubisoft is doing EXACTLY the same with AC:Brotherhood.

You may call AC:B and F:NV spinoffs.

NnT32913130d ago

Fallout 4 on ID tech 5 would be gaming heaven !!

smashman983130d ago

with all due respect... brotherhood isnt quite the same as new vegas there are tons of changes and we were left at a cliff hanger with ezio's story...

but the game mechanics have definitley seen some work with destructible enviroments, better and much improved upon combat, and even a full on multiplayer mode that won many best of e3 awards its unfair to compare the 2

RedDead3130d ago

Assassins creed is being milked now though ah==haha, I may get brotherhood....may

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edhe3130d ago

It *is* 3.5 -same engine, same timeframe. It's just a different story on the other side of the US.

F4 will be interesting.

4221853130d ago

I'm betting Fallout 4 is set in New York.

BabyTownFrolics3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

London with a 60's British pop soundtrack and lots of color on the rage engine

i would compare it to gta and liberty city stories just on a much larger scale

loving it so far

Jack-Pyro3130d ago

There will never EVER be a Fallout game outside of America, you obviously have never read the Fallout Bible.

BabyTownFrolics3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

If you read the Fallout bible, which was created by Chris and the original developers. You would also know that it said every major nuclear state at the time of 2077 launched its nukes and participated in the Great War. It mentions USA, USSR, China, and Europe were the main participates... meaning all of them launched nukes and also got hit by nukes. By that statement alone in the Fallout Bible, means the only possible places were nukes didnt really hit or wont be affected as much are South America, Africa, and Australia unless they get runoff Fallout from where ever.

Just because they dont say specifically "Europe was hit hard by nuclear attacks" doesn't mean it didn't happen. The reason why Chris doesn't say stuff like that specifically is because of what he said in another interview for the Fallout bible.. saying he wants the future of the Fallout series to be open to new ideas.

Then there is this tidbit:

"Allistair Tenpenny came to the Capital Wasteland from Great Britain to seek his fortune, so that alone tells you that the U.K. was also hit in the war. And if he came to U.S. to succeed, that says a lot about how screwed up Europe must be. So we just allude, a little bit, to the state of the rest of the world. We like to leave a lot to the players' imaginations, and somebody like Tenpenny serves as a catalyst for those thoughts." - Emil Pagliarulo

Emil Pagliarulo is the lead designer of Fallout 3 at Bethesda Game Studios.

so saying, "There will never EVER be a Fallout game outside of America, you obviously have never read the Fallout Bible.", is doubly wrong.

visualb3130d ago

THE WORLD got Nuked after the great war of '77.

any key area (Russia, China, Europe, USA) is fallout location

would be awesome if next fallout you can travel between countries?!

dragon823130d ago

It is more of the same engine and style but thats about it. There is a pretty big difference between the two though. You can tell that they were made by two different devs.

starvinbull3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

Fallout 3 lacked depth funneling the player into linear set pieces whereas FNV is much more dynamic and encourages no one style in fact it of forces you to specialise and miss out on certain game scenarios.

The worst thing that can be said about F3 is that whatever choices you make any 2 playthroughs are 99% the same which is less the case with FNV.

FNV also has routes and objectives that are accessible to end game players on most missions so that the missions are slightly different based on which you choose to complete first.

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